Friday, June 11, 2010

Vodka wars in L.A...

There's a vodka war brewing on the streets of L.A., not so much in the bars, but in the skies around the City of Angels.
Bot or Not Svedka vodka billboard
It all seemed to start with new challenger to the the vodka throne, Svedka, claiming to be 'Voted number #1 vodka of 2033' thereby marketing itself as a marker leader without any real brand credentials.

First wave Svedka Vodka campaign
Svedka Vodka of Champions billboard

Second wave Svedka Vodka campaign
Svedka vodka Bot or Not billboard
Before you knew it there were cheeky Svedka robots on every street corner enticing vodka drinkers to try out her tasty offering.
Ultimat vodka billboard
Since then it seems like every other vodka brand on the market wants a piece of the action and is not ready to roll over to this futuristic usurper from Sweden.
Effen Vodka Best Nights billboard
Absolut, Effen, Ketel one and Skyy vodka have all seemed to up their game with heavy weight billboard campaigns and new variants to excite vodka enthusiasts.
Skyy Infusions Ginger vodka billboardSkyy Vodka Pineapple billboard
Do berri acai, pineapple, orange, or even ginger tickle your taste buds?
Ketel One Oranje vodka billboard
Plus other vodka brands like Ultimat and Russian Standard have taken up the challenge, not willing to simply roll over and be drunk under the table.
Russian Standard vodka billboard
I know that not every vodka is equal and that most vary greatly on price and quality, but it is interesting too see this silent battle going on above our heads in L.A.
Absolut Twist vodka billboardAbsolut vodka Berri Acai billboard
Smirnoff Vodka seems content to save its marketing money and stick with bus stop posters and brands like Belvedere, Finlandia, Grey Goose, Stolichnaya have yet to enter the fray.

I don't know about you, but I think some free samples or maybe even a cocktail taste test, just like the 'Pepsi Challenge' of old, are in order...

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