Thursday, June 3, 2010

When is a billboard, not a billboard...?

The other day I asked when is a light not a light and the answer was, when it's a bird's nest. Today a billboard is not a billboard when it's a bag.
Apple iPad billboard
These days when you're blogging or twittering away online you can discover all kinds of things and people. The other day I discovered someone who recycles the vinyl used in billboards and turns them into custom made bags (and anything else you may want).

Made in the USA, they are strong and make a perfect shopper or beach bag and are also easy to clean, you simply wipe them down. It's such a great simple idea, and good for the environment too.
Billboard bag
If you're in the advertising business or are responsible for a brand that advertises and want to turn your used billboards into something to reward your customers, workforce or use at a special event check out for more details.

And if you like interesting billboards check out Daily Billboard for a cool new billboard every day...

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