Monday, July 19, 2010

Angels looking for a new home...

Now that we've completed our move to our new condo we've been running around trying to find new furnishings to fit the style and dimensions of our new place. On our travels we popped to the HD Buttercup furniture store at the old Helms Bakery site in Culver City and discovered several carved angels for sale.
Wooden horseman angel
It's no surprise that we'd find these interesting winged beauties there looking for a new home, as the whole place is full of eclectic, vintage and one-of-a-kind decor.
Wooden angel
We've even found a few modern chairs there in the past for our old West Hollywood condo.
Decorative angel
I'm sure these Aztec or Mayan looking angels would fit nicely into some Hollywood starlets home in the Hills, but it's really not my style.
Carved angel
As you can see it's amazing where angel imagery pops up around L.A. and that's not all, as I also had another angel sighting this past weekend and that was in Studio City.
Rusty cupid arch Studio City
We'd popped over to the scorching Valley to get a new collar and some colourful new dog bowls for Cooper, it seemed only fair he get a house warming present too.

We checked out Maxwell Dog store along Ventura Boulevard, which is very nice, although a tad expensive, and whilst walking back to the car I spotted this ornate arch adorned with two rusty cupids. They are also looking for a new home, or new owner at least, as the retail store they are in front of is up for lease.
Rusty cupids
You really do need to keep your eyes wide open in this City of Angels as you never know quite what you'll see...

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