Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cooper helps with our move to the new condo...

So it's official, we've moved from one part of West Hollywood up the road to another part. And we're all exhausted.
Yellow Labrador Cooper on moving day
After a frustrating day or two without the internet (just how did we survive before it?) and with virtually no AT&T phone signal in our new neck of the woods, making everything from deliveries to repairs that much more difficult, I'm back online and feeling happily reconnected with the blogosphere.
Moving house mess
Just thought I'd take five minutes off from unpacking, cleaning and trying to find a home for everything (or recycling it if need be) and let you know we survived the move with a little help from our lovable Labrador Cooper.
Trolley Labrador Cooper
In the end Cooper didn't mind riding the trolley we used to load up our cars, but it's a shame he couldn't have pulled or pushed it along as it would have saved us a lot of hard work. Still he kept our spirits up with his cheeky personality.

We felt so sorry for him in the run up to the move as he looked so bewildered by the whole packing process and thought it was all a big game, wanting to jump up onto and into the boxes and generally be a part of the whole moving effort.
Moving day
Luckily on moving day I drove him over to his favourite doggie daycare and picked him up later once everything had been moved. The ladies there always tell me how he just keeps going all day long, playing with all the other dogs and how he loves their pool, no doubt from all his diving practice in the swimming pool.

Thankfully we used the amazing 'Mighty Movers' for all our big furniture and they were excellent, saving us even more sore and aching limbs than we already had.
Exhausted Labrador pup
By the end of Friday Cooper wasn't the only one wanting to pass out from exhaustion. Luckily amidst all the chaos and change he managed to find his favourite sofa to crash out on whilst his two dads toasted their new home with, what else, some champagne.

Here's to the future (and sleep)...

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