Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eclipse is the best movie in The Twilight Saga so far...

More action, more threat, more buff Taylor Lautner, what's not to like about the third cinematic installment in The Twilight Saga.
Twilight Eclipse movie billboards
Eclipse is slightly shorter than New Moon by about six minutes, but it seems much shorter with the faster pace, more excitement and historical flashbacks adding an extra dimension to what is essentially a romantic love triangle between a human, a vampire and a werwolf.
Twilight Eclipse film poster
What the movie does suffer from though is too many characters syndrome, with so many new and existing characters to service. You have a new wolf girl, newborn vampire girl, newborn vampire army, the Volturi, all of the Cullens, Jacob's Wolfpack, his tribe and even Bella's parents, not to mention the three main starlets. Don't even get me started on making the most of Oscar nominee Anna Kendrick.

on display at ArcLight Hollywood
Original Twilight Eclipse Volturi movie costumes
I've not read any of the books, so thankfully in this film we get more character development on the Cullen coven like 'Jasper' and 'Rosalie', rather than them just standing around in the background and Kellan Lutz as 'Emmett' gets more of a chance to show of his muscular physique with lots of running and fighting.

Twilight Eclipse The Cullen clan
Twilight Eclipse Cullens poster
Funnily enough I saw Ashley Greene who plays 'Alice Cullen' escaping from a swarm of paparazzi on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood on Sunday.

Disappointing for me was the demise of Bella's nemesis, 'Victoria', which seemed to end far too easily and even her newborn vampire army from Seattle seemed mostly ineffectual, more like cannon fodder than a real threat. Bryce Dallas Howard replacing the previous actress, Rachel Lefevre, also seemed a bit wimpy and unconvincing, or maybe it was that she wasn't given that much to do.

I always resent when studios replace actors between movies, especially when it's an on-going franchise and not a total remake.
Twilight Eclipse vampire army poster
Even though they only make small cameos in the movie, you also get the sense that 'Jane' and the rest of the Volturi will play a bigger part in upcoming installments.

Here are some costumes worn by Dakota Fanning and her other Volturi vampire brethren on display at ArcLight Hollywood cinema. They are much more theatrical costumes compared to the casual clothes the rest of the cast wear and you can see more at Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props blog.

Original Volturi Felix and Jane movie costumes from Twilight Eclipse
Twilight Eclipse vampire costumes
And finally even though this movie ramps up the raunch with lots of Jacob six-pack and pecs shots, is it me or is Bella a bit of a tease leading on these two men? Make up your mind lady and don't look so miserable whilst you're doing it.
Twilight Eclipse billboard
They seem to be cranking out these Twilight movies and each one is getting a little better, in production quality and story content, so I look forward to the next chapter in the franchise like the millions of teenage girls, grown women and other gay men also doing the same.

Now to catch up with the rest of the movies out there. Next on my list is The Last Airbender, The Kids Are All Right, Toy story 3 and later this week, possibly this summer's box office saviour, Inception.

So much to do and so little time...

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