Sunday, July 18, 2010

Inception is a cinema goers dream...

Inventive, complex and audacious. Even though Inception didn't blow me away as I was quite hoping for, it is a fantastic movie and the perfect antidote to all the lacklustre movies that 2010 has had to offer so far.
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It had real depth, a wealth of ideas and literally layer upon layer of story to entertain and confound audiences.
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In a world of comic, video game and book adaptations, remakes and recycled storylines it's always so refreshing when a film maker brings something original and exciting to the big screen.
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Inception takes some time to get going, but when it does it's all go and in the final stretch of the movie is quite relentless.

at ArcLight Hollywood cinema
Inception movie costume and prop display
Rather than relying on one premise or idea, it's a really dense multi-faceted story, raising so many questions, that you really need to see it again to absorb all the intricacies, both obvious and hidden.
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Leonardo DiCaprio is good as the mind thief who enters peoples dreams to extract information, but his trademark frowning gets a bit tedious after too long and even though his character is still grieving, it would be nice to see him not 'acting' so hard and being able to convey a broader emotional range.

Also as an aside, the last time we saw him in another film, the disappointing Shutter Island, he was also mourning the loss of a wife.
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For me the team of dream raiders he gathers to help him on his mission is what makes this film even more enjoyable as they try, not to extract some information, but plant an idea deep within the subject's mind, hence the films title 'Inception'.
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Ellen Page is a joy to watch and it's nice to see her doing something un-Juno like, less quirky and a more blockbuster action role, plus Joseph Gordon-Levitt finally gets his chance to shine in the spotlight.
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Tom Hardy's dream forger 'Eames' was also a great character, in fact all the ensemble cast was well chosen, and especially nice to see Cillian Murphy as someone other than a bug-eyed psycho killer.
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So aside from the great characters, engaging story and interesting concepts, my biggest disappointment with the movie was probably that it featured far less of the extraordinary visuals that the billboards promised, the upside down worlds and mind-boggling imagery of a dream world.
Inception Saito poster
Maybe too much of that would have slowed down the pace of the movie, or made it too much of a CGI monster, but a bit more of the spectacular and surreal would have been nice.

Don't get me wrong though it was an amazing movie, part sci-fi, part thriller, part heist movie, but all with Christopher Nolan's unique stamp all over it.

Inception movie props
It's not necessarily the cinematic game changer that The Matrix was when it was released, but totally enjoyable, with so much complexity and substance it's a movie goers dream as it has you talking and wondering for hours afterwards, especially with the final revelation in the film which caused a collective appreciative chuckle from the audience I was watching with.
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I give Inception a solid four **** stars and pray to the Warner Bros Studios decision makers that they let this movie stand on its own merits and not make a sequel or spin-off (I know I'm just dreaming though).
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If you like the movie, be sure to check out original props and costumes from Inception at Hollywood Movie costumes and Props, including Ariadne's chess piece and Arthur's red dice totems, and other integral plot devices from the film.
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Let's hope Inception finally kick starts 2010's movie extravaganza, we need far more of these films and far less of The Last Airbender...

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