Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Movie, TV and fashion billboards round-up for L.A. in July 2010...

This month there have been an abundance of new season television billboards lining L.A.'s cluttered skyline, whilst the big fashion brands have been heating up the streets with some provocative advertising. There's also been some great movie billboards designed to catch your eye, so enjoy this collection of cool billboards around Los Angeles in July 2010.

Movie billboards
Tron Legacy billboard
First up is this arresting new teaser billboard for Disney's forthcoming Tron revival, featuring Garrett Hedlund as 'Sam Flynn' in Tron Legacy.
Zac Efron Charlie St Cloud billboard
Zac Efron is another pretty boy standing out amongst July's billboard advertising with this colourful creative for his new movie Charlie St. Cloud.
Sorcerer's Apprentice billboard
The Sorcerer's Apprentice may have been a box office flop, but I still like this billboard creative for the movie.
Inception billboard
I really liked these mind-bending billboards for Christopher Nolan's intriguing Inception. They really captured the spirit of the movie.
Inception film billboard
If you loved the movie be sure to check out original costumes and props from Inception at Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props.The Expendables film billboard
It's not on my must-see movie list, but this billboard for The Expendables is jam-packed with action heroes and is certainly going after that male movie going demographic.
The Other Guys film billboard
And finally for movies, this billboard for The Other Guys sends up typical 'cop buddy movies' and looks like lots of fun.

TV billboards
Hung season 2 billboard
The second season billboard for Hung certainly makes an impact along Sunset Boulevard in July.
White Collar season 2 billboard
Attractive men in sharp suits seem to be the order of the day in the next three TV billboards. First up is the second season creative for White Collar.
Rubicon TV billboard
Next is new conspiracy drama, Rubicon, which has an intriguing name to compliment the simple billboard.
Mad Men season 4 billboard
Finally Jon Hamm's 'Don Draper' looks suitably enigmatic in this fourth season promotional billboard for 60's based American advertising agency drama, Mad Men.
The Big C Showtime billboard
Laura Linney grabs life by the balls in Showtime's new comedy about living with cancer and making the most of life, in The Big C.
Chasing Mummies TV billboard
Finally for TV is this Indiana Jones-esque billboard for The History Channel's Chasing Mummies show, which really grabs your attention along Sunset Boulevard as you drive by.

Fashion & Fragrance billboards
James Franco Gucci billboard
James Franco looks totally sexy dripping wet in this stylish billboard for the new Gucci male fragrance.
Hot AX male model fashion billboard
Sunset Boulevard certainly is teeming with imagery of hot young things this summer, everything from hot celebrities to buff male models in this mono creative for Armani Exchange and its steamy Bodies of Summer campaign.
Calvin Klein Jeans X billboard
Calvin Klein are not giving up without a fight though and this racy new creative is sure to stop traffic in the coming days.
Hot male model Parker & Ronen billboard
Parke & Ronen add some sex appeal to Santa Monica Boulevard with this swimwear billboard for their retail store along Melrose Avenue.
Under Armour billboard
This Under Armour montage billboard also flashes some flesh to catch your attention along Sunset Boulevard.
Hot American Apparel swimsuit billboard
And finally for fashion, American Apparel had this provocative swimsuit billboard to cause a stir a few blocks from their store along Melrose Avenue.

Music billboards
Steel Panther billboard
It may not be my kind of club night, but this billboard for 'Steel Panther' at the Key Club certainly adds some colour along the Sunset Strip.

Sports billboards
Dodgertown billboard
And finally for this month is this billboard for L.A.'s Dodgers who seem to have abandoned the celebrities in their Dodgertown 'This is my town' campaign in favour of actual baseball players.

Remember if you enjoy seeing the latest billboards from around L.A. check out Daily Billboard every day for new movie, TV, fashion and other cool creatives.

Come back at the end of August for next month's billboard round-up...

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