Thursday, July 1, 2010

New month, new home, new changes...

Well it looks like July will be a busy month, what with a new condo to move in to and make a home.

Open-plan living
Empty West Hollywood condo space
We're looking forward to moving into our new condo townhouse which is light and airy, with lovely wooden floors throughout (we're anticipating Cooper will have lots of fun sliding about on the floors).

New kitchen
West Hollywood condo kitchen
After the last two years of living in rental accommodation it's going to be nice to be able to make the place feel like our own.

Temporarily empty living space
Empty West Hollywood condo
At the moment it's a bit of a blank slate and after a few weeks of running around like headless chickens with masses of paperwork, selling and disposing of unwanted furniture, sourcing painters, contractors and moving companies, we're off to Palm Springs with some friends to enjoy the Fourth of July festivities and some quiet time.

Planned guest bedroom
Empty West Hollywood condo bedroom
Our Labrador Cooper is also going on his own weekend break and when we're all back we can start settling in to the new, hopefully redecorated, place. It already seems to have Cooper's seal of approval, so we're hoping he's not too disoriented by the move to his new pad.

Ensuite guest bathroom
West Hollywood condo bathroom
Just like a few changes in my living environment, you'll also notice a few changes here at Jason in Hollywood.

Images will now be larger in posts, in fact the design is being brought more in line with my fabulous spin-off blogs Daily Billboard and Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props.

If you've not checked them out yet, take a look to find out what this West Hollywood house-husband does with all his 'spare' time.

Planned master bedroom
West Hollywood condo bedroom
Hopefully you'll appreciate the improvements to this blog as it will allow you all to enjoy the images I feature here even more (regardless of the extra time it takes to upload them).

West Hollywood roof deck view
West Hollywood condo roofdeck
Jason in Hollywood is going from strength to strength, with traffic up 4% month on month (with one less day than May), and the number of pages viewed up 7% in June. Over 11,000 are looking at my blog each month and it's a satisfying achievement.

Hopefully you'll continue to stick with our exploits as we enter the next chapter in our adventures in entertainment, life and Los Angeles...

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