Sunday, August 29, 2010

Art and angels in San Francisco...

As the last two mornings I've awoken have been cloudier and cooler than usual here in L.A. (which has been a welcome respite from the heat), I've been reminded of my last trip to notoriously foggy San Francisco.
Jason's San Francisco tram
The last time I visited the City by the Bay was for the 12k Bay to Breakers fun run in preparation for the Disneyland Half Marathon next Sunday.
San Francisco tramline streets
My training is going well and yesterday I did a practice 13.1 miles in 1 hr 56 minutes, which was great considering my goal time is under 2 hours.

Angel atop Native Son Monument
Native Son Angel San Francisco
Angel atop Native Son Monument
Anyway, I digress and as I was saying when last there I used the opportunity to once again explore and enjoy all the art to be found on the streets of San Francisco.

Native Son Monument in San Francisco
Native Son Monument San FranciscoNative Son Monument angel
With my recent fascination with angels on the streets of L.A., I'm always especially drawn to the bronze angel sculpture atop the Native Son Monument.

University of Wisdom sculpture
University of Wisdom Arman sculptureUniversity of Wisdom Sculpture
Another dramatic sculpture that caught my eye as we were wandering the streets near our hotel close to the Embarcadero Center, was this 1989 bronze entitled 'University of Wisdom'.
University of Wisdom Bronze sculpture
Arman University of Wisdom sculpture
This intriguing piece is by the French artist Arman and can be found on the steps of The Bentley Reserve.

Victoria Monument in Union Square
Victoria Statue Union Square
On the four corners of Union Square surrounding the striking Victoria Monument, they also had new creations from the Hearts of San Francisco sculptural project.

Keiko Nelson's Heart & Heart sculpture
Hearts of San Francisco Keiko Nelson
In addition to statues and sculptures, you only have to look up to admire the architecture and other visual delights of the city.
San Francisco retro Grand Marnier billboard
Ceiling of the Ferry Building
Ferry Building ceiling San Francisco
The other sculpture that I really love from San Francisco is this giant piece, entitled Eclipse, to be found in the Hyatt Regency in the downtown waterfront district.
Eclipse sculpture San Francisco
And that's it for my little collection of almost forgotten angels and arts from San Francisco.
Jason on San Francisco tram
I'm sure it won't be long before I'm back sightseeing, or maybe even to run the San Francisco Marathon. Let's see how I get on next Sunday first though...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Best movie and TV billboards around L.A. in August 2010...

Yesterday I showcased August's best fashion, sports, drinks and other cool billboards, so today it's the turn of the latest TV and film billboards on offer around L.A. Check out these eye-catching advertisements and let me know your favourites.

TV Billboards
Nikita TV remake billboard
First up is Maggie Q (of Mission Impossible: III fame) looking red hot as the titular star in these billboards for the latest remake of Nikita, the assassin and spy that turns against her corrupt handlers.
Maggie Q Nikita TV billboard
I only discovered recently that the Hollywood movie remake of the French classic that spawned the many incarnations of the character, starring Bridget Fonda, was called 'Point of No Return', whilst in the UK and some other territories it was known simply as 'The Assassin'.
Hawaii Five-O TV remake billboard
Next up is another big TV re-imagining with a somewhat familiar cast, Hawaii Five-O. Drawing from the world of popular genre TV, you have the likes of LOST's Daniel Dae Kim, Battlestar Galactica's Grace Park, Three Rivers Alex O'Loughlin and from the Ocean 11 movies, Scott Caan.

It's a standout billboard and it'll be interesting to see whether this crime-fighting TV show will make a big splash or just be a small drop in the new season television schedule.
The Defenders TV remake billboard
So here's the billboard for a third 'new' show and dare I say that the studios are running out of ideas by rehashing another old concept in the form of The Defenders?

Apparently this time around the old socially conscious 60's courtroom drama is being reworked as more of a comedy in Las Vegas, starring Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell.
Hellcats TV billboard
Hellcats is a new Cheerleading comedy-drama starring the likes of High School Musical's Ashley Tisdale. I'd like to say it's a refreshing concept, but that was before there have already been a gazillion Bring It On movies (four I believe so far). I'll reserve judgement though until I see a few episodes.
Weeds series 6 TV billboard
Weeds and Criss Angel's Mindfreak TV series both return for a sixth season of slightly different mind-altering shenanigans, one cannabis related and the other created by the power of illusion.
Criss Angel Mindfreak TV billboard
Geek comedy The Big Bang Theory returns for a fourth season with this fun billboard, all packed up and ready to move to a new day and time-slot.
Big Bang Theory series 4 TV billboard
The cast of another returning show smolder against the L.A. skyline in this season two billboard for Dark Blue, about a team of deep-cover L.A.P.D. officers led by Dylan McDermott.
Dark Blue season 2 TV billboard
This earnest billboard for Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth looks like a show with a suitable amount of gravitas befitting a historical drama mini-series about the trials and tribulations of war, religious strife and political maneuvering in 12th Century England.
Pillars of the Earth TV billboard
I like this simple billboard for NBC's local news coverage. L.A. is such a fitness-oriented place to live, where yoga, the gym and protein shakes are the way of life for the body beautiful and the multitudes of aspiring actors/models/performers.
Centered in LA billboard
The 9000 Building along Sunset Boulevard is always a fantastic place to see impressive billboards, with this creative for new series, Boardwalk Empire, proving my point.
Boardwalk Empire TV billboard
Walk a little further down The Sunset Strip and you'll see the reverse of the building and one of my favourite billboards to grace the sides of the tower so far. Laura Linney's smiling face shine down on you for her new comedy-drama series, The Big C, about living life to the fullest with cancer.
The Big C Laura Linney TV billboard

Movie billboards
Jackass 3D film billboard
So far this year here have been a mixed bag at the cinema, with an over-reliance on 3D versions, which have either enhanced (How to Train your Dragon) or detracted (Clash of the Titans) from the quality of the cinematic experience. I can't imagine Jackass 3D being an Oscar-Winning contender, but I do like this bold, eye-catching billboard for the movie along Sunset Boulevard.
The Switch film billboard
This billboard for The Switch is suitably funny when you realise what's supposed to be in that cup that Jason Bateman is holding, for this quirky new comedy with Jennifer Aniston.
Step Up 3D film billboard
This gigantic billboard for Step Up 3D has real energy and stands out from afar along Wilshire Boulevard. Be sure to check out these original movie costumes worn in Step Up 3D at Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props.
Resident Evil Afterlife billboards
Another movie sequel and more 3D action in the fourth live-action installment of the Resident Evil franchise. Luckily the vibrant and colourful imagery makes this billboard a real attention-grabber and for me there's something about gun-toting, zombie-killing lethal ladies that makes for essential viewing.
Resident Evil Afterlife 3D billboard
Next up are two witty billboards for yet another returning movie franchise, Nanny McPhee Returns.
Nanny McPhee Returns film billboard
I dare you not to smile at these billboards for Emma Thompson's intentionally less attractive version of children's nanny, Mary Poppins.
Nanny McPhee Returns billboard
And finally for this eclectic installment of movie billboards are two creative executions for Drew Barrymore and Justin Long's new rom-com, Going The Distance.
Going the Distance billboard
Is this a case of art imitating life, or just a very clever PR opportunity for the on-again, off again, sometimes lovebirds. Regardless, I do like the colour scheme and fun tone of these two billboards.
Going the Distance film billboard
Remember you can see all the latest billboards from around L.A. every day at Daily Billboard, and you can also become a Daily Billboard fan on facebook.

And then come back to Jason in Hollywood every month for a round-up of the best billboards lining Los Angeles jam-packed skyline.

Eyes to the skies...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Red hot fashion and other cool billboards around L.A. in August 2010...

There were just so many fabulous new billboards lining L.A.'s skyline this month that I had to split them into two installments. Today it's the best of the fashion, drinks and other cool billboards on show, whilst you'll be able to see August's TV and movie adverts separately.

So check out these visions in vinyl that have been grabbing attention around L.A. in August.

Fashion billboards
AX hot male model billboard
Let's kick off with this hot biker boy heating up The Sunset Strip for Armani Exchange.
Marc Jacobs Bang male model billboard
Next up, Marc Jacobs himself strips down and oils himself up to promote his new men's fragrance 'Bang'.
Male model swimwear billboard
There's more toned male bodies on show along Santa Monica Boulevard, with hot models for Parke & Ronen swimwear and AussieBum underwear.
AussieBum male underwear model billboard
Thankfully the AussieBum billboard has recently had the tree in front of it trimmed allowing for a fully unhindered view of this Australian beefcake.
Miss Me Lips fashion billboard
The Miss Me fashion brand gets all seductive, with these luscious lips in mono looming large over Sunset Boulevard.
Hale Bob bikini billboard
Meanwhile, Hale Bob and Buffalo Jeans both go for some girl-on-girl action to titillate passersby.
Buffalo Jeans billboard
Funnily enough both billboards can be found on the same corner opposite The Beverly Center shopping mall.
Rerock Jeans Express billboard
Express promotes its Rerock Jeans range for women, whilst Levi's continues to brand itself in its own inimitable style, this time with this fun, carefree billboard.
Levis Go Forth Jeans billboard
And finally Chanel remains as chic as ever in black and white over Sunset Plaza.
Chanel fashion billboard

Drinks billboards
Skyy Cherry Vodka billboard
The current campaign for Skyy Vodka is quite possibly one of my favourites of all time. The vibrant, bold and uncluttered visuals really do standout and catch your eye effortlessly, from the Cherry and Pineapple Infusions variants featured here, to the Ginger Vodka creative.
Skyy Pineapple Vodka billboard
Another advertising campaign catching my eye around L.A. at the moment is this one for Vitamin Water, which also follows the same colourful, bold and simple philosophy.
XXX Vitamin Water billboard
I have to say I prefer my water to be clear and untampered with, but I do like these eye-catching billboards, which have several other creative executions I've yet to capture on camera.
Sunrise Vitamin Water billboard
Speaking of colourful drinks ads, I also loved this bright, refreshing and zingy specimen for Bud Light Lime in August.
BL Lime drink billboard

Sports billboards
Slash Dodgertown billboardNext up is a whole selection of billboards for the Dodgertown creative campaign. Rock legends 'Slash' and 'Ozzy Osborne' (accompanied by his wife Sharon) grace two sites along The Sunset Strip to coincide with the third Annual Music Festival this weekend.
Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Dodgertown billboardYou'll also find late-night TV talk-show host, Larry King, adorning this billboard near Sunset & Vine in Hollywood.
Larry King Dodgertown billboardWhilst shock horror, you may even spy a billboard sporting an actual baseball player from the L.A. Dodgers along La Brea Avenue, just to remind you what the campaign is all about.
Dodgertwon baseball billboard

Technology billboards
Verizon signal strength billboard
I've included this Verizon billboard, not only because the image of the strong, capable woman reinforces its 'Signal is Strength' message, but also due to the fact that since I've switched to AT&T on the iPhone you can hardly get any signal in the vast majority of West Hollywood.

Theme Park billboards
Disneyland Summer Nightastic billboard
Finally for this assortment of billboards is this Fairytale Castle spectacle for Disneyland, whose Summer fireworks displays come to an end this weekend.

On the subject of Disneyland, my Half Marathon there takes place in just ten short days time.

Enjoy this selection and be sure to come back soon to check out the latest television and film billboards around L.A. in August...