Sunday, August 29, 2010

Art and angels in San Francisco...

As the last two mornings I've awoken have been cloudier and cooler than usual here in L.A. (which has been a welcome respite from the heat), I've been reminded of my last trip to notoriously foggy San Francisco.
Jason's San Francisco tram
The last time I visited the City by the Bay was for the 12k Bay to Breakers fun run in preparation for the Disneyland Half Marathon next Sunday.
San Francisco tramline streets
My training is going well and yesterday I did a practice 13.1 miles in 1 hr 56 minutes, which was great considering my goal time is under 2 hours.

Angel atop Native Son Monument
Native Son Angel San Francisco
Angel atop Native Son Monument
Anyway, I digress and as I was saying when last there I used the opportunity to once again explore and enjoy all the art to be found on the streets of San Francisco.

Native Son Monument in San Francisco
Native Son Monument San FranciscoNative Son Monument angel
With my recent fascination with angels on the streets of L.A., I'm always especially drawn to the bronze angel sculpture atop the Native Son Monument.

University of Wisdom sculpture
University of Wisdom Arman sculptureUniversity of Wisdom Sculpture
Another dramatic sculpture that caught my eye as we were wandering the streets near our hotel close to the Embarcadero Center, was this 1989 bronze entitled 'University of Wisdom'.
University of Wisdom Bronze sculpture
Arman University of Wisdom sculpture
This intriguing piece is by the French artist Arman and can be found on the steps of The Bentley Reserve.

Victoria Monument in Union Square
Victoria Statue Union Square
On the four corners of Union Square surrounding the striking Victoria Monument, they also had new creations from the Hearts of San Francisco sculptural project.

Keiko Nelson's Heart & Heart sculpture
Hearts of San Francisco Keiko Nelson
In addition to statues and sculptures, you only have to look up to admire the architecture and other visual delights of the city.
San Francisco retro Grand Marnier billboard
Ceiling of the Ferry Building
Ferry Building ceiling San Francisco
The other sculpture that I really love from San Francisco is this giant piece, entitled Eclipse, to be found in the Hyatt Regency in the downtown waterfront district.
Eclipse sculpture San Francisco
And that's it for my little collection of almost forgotten angels and arts from San Francisco.
Jason on San Francisco tram
I'm sure it won't be long before I'm back sightseeing, or maybe even to run the San Francisco Marathon. Let's see how I get on next Sunday first though...

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