Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Disney storyboard poster wall at ArcLight Sherman Oaks...

If you're a fan of all things Disney then you'll be in for a treat at any of the three ArcLight cinemas, as it's Disney Classics month where they are showing a whole heap of animated and live-action movies from the 'House of the Mouse'.
ArcLight Sherman Oaks Disney storyboard wall
As part of the celebrations you'll find a great storyboard wall of posters from your favourite movies and a variety of Disney owned film studios, like Touchstone Pictures.
ArcLight cinema's Disney poster wall
Tinkerbell, Pete's Dragon and Dumbo are a far cry from their previous movie poster collections which have included iconic horror films and classic Hollywood pulp movies.
ArcLight's Disney storyboard poster wall
It's a pretty great spectacle to spend a few minutes looking at before film movie starts, and if posters are not your thing there are always some original costumes and props from movies to be amazed by too.
Disney poster wall  ArcLight Sherman Oaks cinema
The poster collection certainly brought back some memories for me, what about you...?

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