Friday, August 20, 2010

Eat Pray Love Laugh Cry Enjoy...

Let's just say that Eat Pray Love certainly touched a chord in my psyche when I saw it the other day, as I found myself skipping the gym and indulging in pizza, red wine and ice-cream. Julia Roberts new movie is highly watchable, but I warn you, you will want to eat loads when you leave the cinema.
Eat Pray Love movie billboard
Based on American writer Elizabeth Gilbert's memoirs, it follows the life of a successful thirty-something woman who is incredibly unhappy in her marriage. While writing an article on yoga holidays in Bali, a Medicine Man tells her she would loose everything and come back and study with him.
Eat Pray Love Let Yourself Go billboard
After rebounding into an affair with a young actor and divorcing her husband, she decides to travel to world and experience life by spending four months in Italy to rediscover her passion for food, four months to find spirituality in India and another four in Bali, to find the balance in her life, and ultimately where she discovers love again.
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I'm not sure everyone could have done what she did. If you're not an outgoing person I'm not sure traveling alone in another country would work for you, but I bet everyone would love to experience the wonders of Italy, the friends, food and passion for life, that she discovers there. It's quite a joy to watch, with great humour.
Eat Pray Love Pizza billboard
Following her wonderful time in Italy, her experiences in India has reinforced that I really don't ever have the desire to go there myself, as she has a miserable time and I'm so not the person to go searching for some spirituality through yoga and meditation.
Eat Pray Love poster
In Bali she finds love, plays the good Samaritan and finds some semblance of happiness. It is the happily ever after you hope she'll discover.

It's a good movie and Julia Roberts is as eminently watchable as ever, but it also has lots of sadness and soul searching. There are some great observations about life though, how people feel like they need to earn rewards rather than just enjoying life, how we go from day to day worrying about what we've eaten and most importantly, that the joy of pizza is worth those extra pounds.
You need a Champion billboard
Even though I wasn't so keen on the voiceover throughout the movie, I still give Eat Pray Love four **** stars and wonder how many women (and men) who watch it will be inspired to change their lives, either by leaving an unhappy relationship, resigning from a job they hate or following one of their dreams.

Before I go I have to say I love the wonderful marketing campaign which has billboards with memorable, empowering quotes from the movie.

Right then, I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day...


The Kid In The Front Row said...

I am looking forward to seeing it.

Jason in Hollywood said...

It does make you think about your life (and it's an enjoyable movie too)

Ethan - Hot Males said...

I think it will be great. I love Julia Roberts and I like to think of myself as spiritual. Good mix.

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