Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jane Lynch meets Sue Sylvester at Madame Tussauds Hollywood...

OK, I'm officially 'Gleeked' out!

Sue Sylvester and Jane Lynch at Madame Tussauds Hollywood
Jane Lynch waving
I've just spent the morning at the unveiling of the waxwork for Jane Lynch's alter ego, 'Sue Sylvester', from the phenomenally successful musical comedy TV show, Glee.

Sue Sylvester Madame Tussauds waxwork
Sue Sylvester Glee Madame Tussauds waxwork
The already iconic track-suit wearing cheerleading coach was unveiled to the eager crowds just after 11a.m. at Madame Tussauds along Hollywood Boulevard today.

The moment Sue Sylvester was unveiled
Sue Sylvester waxwork unveiled

Jane Lynch on stage through all the media
Jane Lynch on stage
Barely managing to get any good photographs through the feeding frenzy of media, I did actually manage to get a few good shots once the press got their soundbites and moved on.
Jane Lynch Sue Sylvester Madame Tussauds
Jane Lynch Madame Tussauds Hollywood
Jane Lynch was very grateful and funny in her acceptance speech of the waxwork replica of her popular Glee character, which cost around $300,000 to create.
Sue Sylvester Glee Jane Lynch
Then came the avalanche of cameras and TV networks to get their five minutes with the star.
Jane Lynch Sue Sylvester Madame TussaudsJane Lynch laughing
After her press duties she made sure to sign autographs and take photos with all her fans and Gleeks in the crowds.

Jane Lynch poses with her fans
Sue Sylvester Jane Lynch with fans
Jane Lynch posing with fans
Sue Sylvester Jane Lynch and Gleek
No apologies for the abundance of images, I didn't stand for over an hour in the blazing California sunshine for nothing.
Sue Sylvester Jane Lynch waxwork
One of the morning's highlights was when we got to see Sue Sylvester's trademark "How Sue C's it" from the show.

How Jane Lynch C's it
Jane Lynch Sue Sylvester Glee
Not only do I think she's laugh out loud funny in Glee, but she was also superb alongside Meryl Streep as Julia Child's sister in Julie & Julia.

Jane Lynch signing autographs for fans
Sue Sylvester Jane Lynch signing autographs

Up close with Glee's Jane Lynch
Glee's Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch spots me in the crowd (only joking)
Jane Lynch from Glee
Another day in Hollywood, another brush with a celebrity superstar.

Roll on the next season of Glee in September when Sue Sylvester will return to our screens...

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