Monday, August 16, 2010

Kiss Guitar rocks The Sunset Strip...

So after already spotting twenty-two of the twenty-six ten-foot-tall Gibson guitars that have transformed The Sunset Strip in GuitarTown, today I spotted a twenty-third creation.

Dressed to Kill guitar sculpture by James Rutman
Kiss GuitarTown sculpture Sunset Strip
This homage to the rock-band Kiss can be found just just below L.A.'s infamous boutique hotel, Chateau Marmont, along Sunset Boulevard.
James Rutman Kiss GuitarTown sculpture
Entitled 'Dressed to Kill' this painted fiberglass creation is by James Rutman.
Kiss Guitar sculpture
I love the detail with the trademark wicked tongue at the top of the guitar.
Dressed to Kill Kiss GuitarTown sculpture
If you like this cool design, be sure to check out all the other sculptures that make up the GuitarTown public art installation in West Hollywood.
Dressed to Kill Kiss Guitar sculpture
Only three more guitars left to find...

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