Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Let Freedom Ring in California...

If like me you were slightly crushed when gay marriage in California wasn't allowed to continue tomorrow, I think we all have to keep in mind that very soon we will have equality for same-sex couples in California (and the rest of America).

It WILL happen, maybe not tomorrow, but definitely in the near future.
Gay Marriage rooftop display
I think we all have to keep positive and active, and that's why I smiled once again when I saw another rooftop art installation in West Hollywood campaigning for equality.
Gay Marriage West Hollywood roof display
I was at the rally in West Hollywood after the Federal Judge overturned Proposition 8 (which denies same-sex couples to marry in California), and this fabulous creation by ChadMichael Morisette and Mito Aviles helps keep that victory, pride and triumphant spirit alive.
Gay marriage roof art installation
This year, my partner and I forewent the usual anniversary gifts (our eleventh), in favour of donating money to make sure Prop 8 is throughly defeated in the courts.

To support equality in California right now you can text EQUAL to 25383 and donate $10 to help AFER (American Foundation for Equal Rights) in their efforts to stop the hate.
Let Freedom Ring roof display
Let Freedom Ring for everyone...


Manda's Opinions said...

Hahaha, :')

I love the wedding cake creation! Really gets to the point.

I couldn't agree more about equality. Love is love at the end of the day, regardless of gender. :)

Jeremy Miles said...

Here's some more evidence that (as you say) it will happen.

Jason in Hollywood said...

I'm glad the maths support it, I'm sure the stars do too (as well as reasonable people's hearts and minds)

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