Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Sunset Strip GuitarTown sculptures unveiled...

Yesterday GuitarTown officially kicked off along The Sunset Strip and the infamous stretch of Sunset Boulevard was invaded by twenty-six ten-foot-tall Gibson guitar sculptures all decorated in their own unique way.

The Glory Days guitar sculpture by Kraig Blue
Glory Days GuitarTown Sunset Strip
The Glory Days Guitar sculpture Sunset Strip
On Wednesday I showcased just a selection of the giant guitars, but here are a smattering more, plus some more information like locations, titles and artists to get you all up-to-speed on the latest West Hollywood public art installation.
Glory Days Guitar sculpture Sunset Strip
All these eclectic sculptures are inspired by Rock 'n' Roll and musical legends, the performers, characters and venues that all form part of The Strip's rich tapestry.
Glory Days Guitar Sunset Strip
This colourful guitar is entitled 'The Glory Days', by Kraig Blue, and can be found beside the Holloway Drive bus shelter on Sunset Boulevard.

Path of Most Resistance guitar sculpture by Opus 13
Opus 13 Guitar sculpture Sunset StripOpus 13 GuitarTown sculpture Sunset Strip
The next two sculptures stood sentry at the West Gateway facing West Hollywood, marking the start of the art display along The Sunset Strip.

The first decorated Gibson guitar is called 'Path of Most Resistance' by artist Opus 13.

Dr. Feelgood guitar sculpture by Timothy Terou Watters
Dr Feelgood guitar sculpture Sunset StripDr Feelgood Guitar sculpture Sunset Strip
The other 10-foot-tall guitar that can be seen when you're traveling in from Beverly Hills is named 'Dr. Feelgood' by Timothy Terou Watters, inspired by the Motley Crue.

Candy Stripe/Katy Perry guitar sculpture by Erin Lareau
Erin Lareau Candy Stripe guitar sculptureCandy Stripe Guitar sculpture
Further along the road you'll find this glittering masterpiece by Emmy Award-Winning costume designer and artist, Erin Lareau, who custom-makes, outfits, microphones and set pieces for a wide variety of celebrity clients and the music industry.
Katy Perry Guitar sculpture Sunset StripCandy Stripe Katy Perry Guitar
Entitled 'Candy Stripe/Katy Perry', this oversized Les Paul guitar replica, is encrusted with Swarovksi crystals and can currently be found outside the 9200 Building on Sunset Boulevard.

Mickey's Garden guitar sculpture by Mark Mahoney
Micky's Garden Guitar sculpture Sunset StripMicky's Garden Guitar Sunset Strip
Outside The Key Club you'll find this 'Mickey's Garden' guitar by the Shamrock Social Club tattoo artist, Mark Mahoney.
Mickey's Garden guitar sculpture Key Club
Star Chords guitar sculpture by Jodi Bonassi
Star Chords Jodi Bonassi Guitar sculptureStar Chords guitar sculpture Sunset Strip
Displayed outside The Sunset Strip's infamous Rainbow Bar & Grill you'll find this colourful guitar by Jodi Bonassi, featuring American record producer Lou Adler.
Rainbow Bar guitar sculpture Sunset StripRainbow GuitarTown sculpture Sunset Strip

Making Headlines guitar sculpture by Leilani Yosick and Dan Calandro
Making Headlines Guitar Sunset StripMaking Headlines Guitartown sculpture
Across the street from the Rainbow Bar, outside the 9000 Building on Sunset Boulevard, you'll find this guitar piece called 'Making Headlines' by Leilani Yosick and Dan Calandro.

Good Vibrations guitar sculpture by Lauren Evans
GuitarTown Good Vibrations Sunset StripGood Vibrations Guitar Sunset Strip
Further along The Strip at the start of Sunset Plaza you'll find this Brian Wilson inspired guitar called 'Good Vibrations' by Lauren Evans, outside the BLT Steak restaurant.
GuitarTown Good Vibrations sculpture Sunset Strip

Good Time Tonite guitar sculpture by Anne Daub
Good Time Tonite Guitar Sunset StripGood Time Tonite GuitarTown sculpture
Outside of the H&M retail store on Sunset Boulevard you'll find two more guitars. The first is called 'Good Time Tonite' by Anne Daub and the second is the most visually spectacular of the collection, with probably the strangest name, 'The Mystic Knights of Oingo Boingo'.

The Mystic Knights of Oingo Boingo guitar sculpture by John Ottinger
Oingo Boingo Guitar sculpture Sunset Strip
John Ottinger GuitarTown sculpture Sunset Strip
John Ottinger's surreal and creative guitar is certainly an attention grabber and deservedly so.
John Ottinger Guitar sculpture Sunset StripThe Mystic Knights of Oingo Boingo guitar

Jimi Rocks guitar sculpture by Bruce Bermudez
Jimi Rocks GuitarTown Andaz HOtelJimi Rocks Guitar sculpture Sunset Strip
You'll find this vibrant Jimi Hendrix inspired guitar, entitled 'Jimi Rocks', adorning the walls of the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood. This horizontal artwork by Bruce Bermudez is one of two sculptures currently on show there.

Star Struck guitar sculpture by David 'Rudy' Gardner
Star Struck Guitar sculpture Sunset StripStar Struck Guitar Andaz Sunset Strip
The other guitar at the Andaz Hotel is called 'Star Struck' by David 'Rudy' Gardner.

Ad Lib guitar sculpture by Stephanie Pryor
Ad Lib GuitarTown sculpture Sunset StripAd Lib GuitarTown sculpture House of Blues
Next up is 'Ad Lib' by Stephanie Pryor which you'll find outside the infamous House of Blues venue.

Mystic Musicians guitar sculpture by Jon Planas
Mystic Musicians Guitar Sunset StripJon Planas Mystic Musician GuitarFurther along the street, near the dog park along Sunset Boulevard, you'll find the 'Mystic Musicians' by Jon Planas.Mystic Musicians Guitar sculpture Sunset Strip

Summer of Love guitar sculpture by Juliana Martinez
Summer of Love Guitar Sunset StripSummer of Love Guitar sculptureAt The Standard hotel you'll find one of the more intricate pieces of work called 'Summer of Love' by Juliana Martinez.Julianna Martinez Summer of Love Guitar sculpture
Next is a selection of GuitarTown sculptures I've previously featured on Jason in Hollywood, but with a bit more detail.

#35 (Cruisin - Sunset Strip) guitar sculpture by R. Nelson Parrish
35 Cruisin Sunset Strip GuitarTown sculpture
This multi-coloured guitar atop The Roxy is by R. Nelson Parrish and is entitled '#35 (Cruisin - Sunset Strip)'. His fiberglass creation is an investigation of colour, motion and contemporary landscape.

Trigger Happy Jack guitar sculpture by Signature Creative
Trigger Happy Jack GuitarTown sculpture
One of two guitars adorning the infamous venue, Whisky A Go Go, is 'Trigger Happy Jack' by Signature Creative, no doubt an homage to Jack Daniels whisky.

Light My Fire guitar sculpture by Robin Bott
Light My Fire GuitarTown sculpture
The second guitar at the club is a tribute to The Doors, called 'Light My Fire', by Robin Bott.

Post Cheech & Chong guitar sculpture by Margaret Garcia
Post Cheech and Chong guitar Sunset Strip
This homage to comedy duo, Cheech & Chong, named 'Post Cheech & Chong' was created by Margaret Garcia and can be found beside the Holloway Drive bus shelter along Sunset Boulevard.

Timescape guitar sculpture by Mads Anderson
GuitarTown Timescape sculpture Sunset Strip
This guitar sculpture was one of three designs near The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Holloway Drive and Sunset Boulevard, named 'Timescape' is was created by Mads Anderson.

Rosas guitar sculpture by Sonia Lopez-Chavez
Rosas GuitarTown sculpture Sunset Strip
This vibrant Runaways teen-girl band inspired guitar, called 'Rosas', is by Sonia Lopez-Chavez.

The Conscious Mind guitar sculpture by Elizabeth Merritt Kong
The Conscious Mind guitar sculpture
The third of the trio on display together is the surreal 'The Conscious Mind' by Elizabeth Merritt Kong.

You can see more of these last seven GuitarTown sculptures in more detail in my previous blog entry.

I hope you all enjoy these photos, post a comment and let me know your favourites. I'll keep my eyes open for the missing guitar creations over the coming months as this interesting public art display travels up and down Sunset Strip.

Rock on...


moondoggie said...

Great job on documenting the guitar installations, Jason.

Jason in Hollywood said...

Thanks, I love this kind of thing - it adds real interest to an area.

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