Monday, August 23, 2010

On Route-66 Lights illuminate West Hollywood...

There's always something interesting happening in The City of West Hollywood, whether it's Gay Pride Parades, the annual Halloween Carnaval or an invasion of giant guitars on The Sunset Strip.

On Route-66 Lights by day
Route 66 Lights public art West Hollywood

On Route-66 Lights by night
West Hollywood Route 66 Lights at night
This time it's the turn of some classic neon signs to light up the streets, in conjunction with the Museum of Neon Art to help celebrate West Hollywood's 25th Anniversary of Cityhood.

Route-66 Lights - Neon Diver by day
Route 66 Lights neon swimmer

Route-66 Lights - Neon Diver by night
Route 66 Lights night diver
Night diver Route 66 Lights WEHO
You'll find these three specimens in the central reservation along Santa Monica Boulevard, near Barney's Beanery, as part of the Art on the Outside project.

Hammer and Heel neon light by day
Route 66 Lights Hammer

East-bound Route-66 Lights
Route 66 Lights hammer and heel by nightHammer Route 66 Lights at nightRoute 66 Lights hammer shoe at night

West-bound Route-66 Lights
Route 66 Lights yellow shoeHammer and Shoe Route 66 Light
Route 66 Lights neon hammer night
If you love outdoor sculptures you'll also find some fantastic colourful, geometric sculptures in West Hollywood by Peter Shire, near the city boundary with Beverly Hills, plus some impressive massive art installations outside the Pacific Design Center.
Route 66 Lights
These new neon lights first piqued my interest way back at the end of May this year when they first appeared.

Route-66 Lights installed in May 2010
Route 66 swimmer neon light

Route-66 Lights at night now
Route 66 Lights night swimmer
Route 66 Lights diver at night
It took some time, but they are now fully working and light up at night to add some intrigue and interest along WEHO's busy Santa Monica Boulevard.

Route-66 Lights - Fiesta Dancers
Route 66 Lights Neon Fiesta nightFiesta dancers Route 66 Lights by night
I hope you enjoy these photos of the lights by day and night, just in case you don't get a chance to see these new additions to West Hollywood's eclectic landscape yourself.
Route 66 Lights neon diver
My favourite light is this perky diver in red, she certainly makes for an eye-catching sight by day or night...

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