Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Paying it forward Labrador style...

Have you ever watched that movie with Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment (the kid from The Sixth Sense), where one good deed is 'paid forward' to another person and so on, to make a better world?
Labrador Cooper's pool toy
Well it's called 'Pay it Forward' and it works in the dog world too.
Labrador Cooper diving coach
When Cooper was just a little pup we made sure we introduced him to a friend's swimming pool, but it was only when he was older and he made the acquaintance of his Labrador lady friend, Libby, that he learned how to dive into a pool by emulating her.
Pup swimming lessons
Well this weekend he returned the favour by helping some new friends retriever, Jackson, to learn how to jump into the pool after some fun toys.
Dog pool playdate
It wasn't long before Jackson was diving in and swimming about like the retriever he is.
Retriever Jackson swimming
And it's not the first time our pup has helped out with swimming and diving lessons either.
Retriever Jackson
He's also tried to coax two pups over in Culver City into the pool before and helped his pal Woody enjoy his new Bel Air pool.
Jackson pool retriever
I think our two year old Cooper could be an excellent dog swimming coach.
Happy pool Labrador Cooper
However these days at the sight of a pool he can't resist diving in after anything.
Labrador fetching pool toy
He's starting to make lots of friends with pools for him to enjoy and luckily we get to tag along too. Long may the swimming lessons last.

Pay it forward Cooper...

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