Thursday, August 19, 2010

Santa Barbara Dog Beach visit interrupted...

Today Cooper and I escaped the heat of West Hollywood and ventured up the coast to enjoy the ocean breeze of his favourite dog beach in Santa Barbara.
Hendry's Beach Yellow Labrador
It's worth the four hour round trip just to see the excitement on his face when he first sees the Pacific Ocean and smells the salty air.
Hendry's Beach Labrador Cooper
Our visit to Hendry's Beach was also another great excuse for me to practice driving on the Freeway and luckily for us we can avoid the workday commute and not end up sitting in traffic for hours.
Hendry's Dog Beach
Even though our two year old Labrador was having a ball along the dog-friendly shore, unfortunately the photo opportunity was interrupted when disaster struck and I got sand in my camera lens, preventing it from opening and closing properly.
Hendry's Beach Labrador ball games
Regardless I still managed to get a few great shots for posterity and for all Cooper's fans out there, who I know enjoy following his exploits and misadventures.
Hendry's Beach surf Labrador
It also meant I didn't have the usual hundreds of images to sift through, which makes a refreshing change.
Santa Barbara beach Labrador
The beach really is worth the journey, especially today as the tide was out and we could walk for what seemed like miles along the shoreline, with Cooper chasing his tennis ball and splashing through the surf to keep cool.
Hendry's Beach Yellow Labrador Retriever
There's also the gentle slope into the ocean, rather than a steep drop off, which means Cooper can wade in and out without fear of getting swept out too far by strong currents (although there is a bit of seaweed floating off the shore which I always worry about him getting tangled up in).
Hendry's Beach shoreline
With the sun shining and a nice ocean breeze to keep me cool, we had a great walk along the interesting Santa Barbara coastline.
Hendry's Beach cliffs
Cooper would be in heaven if we lived closer to an off-leash dog beach, which makes these trips even more special and important to capture on camera (fingers crossed I can repair my trusty Coolpix camera).
Hendry's Beach shore
And finally, another reason I love Hendry's Beach is that it has some awesome dog showers, which are clean and fully-functional, where you can wash all that salt and sand off your pup before he gets back into your car.
Hendry's Beach sandy nose Labrador
However today Cooper thought it was highly amusing after his shower to roll around in the dirt of the parking lot by my car, which meant a second shower in the space of five minutes.

Oh, how I laughed...

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