Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scott Pilgrim rocked my world...

Original, imaginative, inventive, exciting, fun. Just some of the words I'd use to describe Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Having no prior knowledge of his graphic novel origins and being totally unimpressed by the trailer I had no intention of going to see this quirky movie, but I'm so glad I listened to all the positive hype and went to see it.
Scott Pilgrim movie billboard
It's so hard to even define what kind of movie genre it fits into. Romantic comedy? Absolute cult nerd fest? All I know is that it was a total breath of fresh air after a year of mediocre cinema.
Scott Pilgrim vs the World poster
The movie has fantastic characters and brilliant actors to play them. Michael Cera is just perfect as the titular 'Scott Pilgrim', I absolutely loved Kieran Culkin as the gay boyfriend stealing 'Wallace', I'd love to see more of Ellen Wong, as her jilted teenage girlfriend 'Knives Chau' was hilarious to watch, and 'Young Neil' and 'Kim' just cracked me up.
Scott Pilgrim movie poster
The story about the hero having to defeat his new girlfriend's seven evil exes to win her heart and take on a battle of the bands to win a recording contract, is fun, witty and action-packed.

I found the blend of humour, superheroics, video gaming, rock music and twenty-something youth culture totally engaging and spot on. It's so nice to be genuinely surprised by a movie these days.
Scott Pilgrim Evil Exes billboard
I give Scott Pilgrim vs the World five ***** stars. It's well directed, has excellent special effects, superb acting, insightful dialogue and is like a comic brought to life (my favourite genre). I wish all comic book movies could be this inventive.

It really is an 'epic of epic epicness'...

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