Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Sunset Strip becomes GuitarTown...

Every place needs a facelift once in a while and notorious music industry mecca, The Sunset Strip, is getting a makeover tomorrow courtesy of Gibson Guitars and the City of West Hollywood.

Welcome to GuitarTown
Guitartown Sunset Strip August 2010
All along the infamous mile-and-a-half stretch of Sunset Boulevard you'll be able to see over twenty-five, ten-foot-tall, creatively decorated fiberglass Gibson guitar sculptures in a public art installation.

Whisky A Go Go guitar sculptures
Whisky A Go Go guitar sculptures

Jack Daniels guitar sculpture
Jack Daniels giant guitar Sunset Strip

The Doors 'Light my Fire' guitar sculpture
Whisky A Go Go Doors guitar sculpture
You'll find the giant Gibson Les Paul replicas adorning famous venues along Sunset Strip, like Whisky A Go Go and The Roxy.

The Roxy guitar sculpture
The Roxy Sunset Strip guitarSunset Strip Roxy guitar
This colourful specimen atop The Roxy is by artist R. Nelson Parrish and is called #35 (Cruisin: Sunset Strip).
Colourful Roxy guitar sculpture
It's not unlike the Community of Angels project from around L.A. at the turn of the millennium and the Hearts of San Francisco sculptures currently on the streets of the City by the Bay, where local artists and celebrities all take a similar blank canvas (guitar, angel, heart) and create their own unique vision.
Guitartown Sunset Strip surreal guitarSunset Strip giant guitar
Surreal art guitar Sunset Strip
Each of the guitars celebrates a specific era, band or artist or someone from the iconic Sunset Strip glitterati.
Guitartown Sunset Strip sculpturePainted guitar Sunset Strip
Apparently GuitarTown will also mean special 'Happy Hour' offerings and lots of events at the bars, restaurants and venues along the Strip 'Block Party' from 6pm to 1pm.

The Runaways guitar sculptures
Guitartown Sunset Strip Runaways guitar
The Runaways guitar Sunset Strip
Anyone who commutes along Sunset Boulevard will have suffered with all the road works over the past few months and this event is to celebrate the completion of the beautification of the area.

Cheech & Choong guitar sculpture
Cheech and Chong guitar Sunset Strip
Sunset Strip Cheech and Chong guitar
The music themed public art event hits two weeks before the third annual Sunset Strip Music Festival on August 26 - 28, 2010.
Sunset Strip empty guitar stand
As you can see from this empty guitar stand there are plenty more sculptures to come, so watch this space...

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