Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Urban Light at night...

Inspired by the neon On Route-66 Lights along Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, I was reminded that I've never seen, or photographed Chris Burden's Urban Light art installation all lit up at night.

Urban Light by Chris Burden
Urban Light lit up
Urban Light at night
You'll find the modern sculpture of 202 vintage iron street lampposts outside LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) on Wilshire Boulevard, and it's fast becoming a must-see local landmark, by day or night.
Chris Burden Urban Light sculpture
Chris Burden's Urban Light by night
With my trusty camera in hand, and loyal Labrador along for the ride, I ventured out to see what images I could capture of he captivating installation.
Urban Light iron lampposts at nightNighttime Urban Light LACMAUrban Light vintage streetlamps
Not only does it look impressive from a distance, but it's totally immersive as you can wander through the rows of antique streetlights and every way you look there are interesting shapes and views.
Inside Urban Light at night LACMA
Urban Light lampposts at night
Urban Light is also especially engaging when it's illuminated at night and you can see why photographers, both amateur and professional, love to come and snap away to their heart's delight.
Urban Light lampposts by night
Urban Light sculpture at night
Urban Light LACMA at night
Here are just a selection of my images of the wonderfully intriguing sculptural work. It really is hard not to take an interesting picture.
Urban Light art installation
Chris Burden's Urban Light by night
Urban Light antique lampposts
In this photo you can even see the red Variety logo atop the magazine's HQ along Wilshire Boulevard.
Urban Light and Variety sign at night
As you can see from a distance the collection of assorted vintage streetlights makes for an amazing spectacle.
Urban Light installation at night
And if you do take the time to check out Urban Light in the daytime, be sure to wander into the adjacent B. Gerald Cantor Outdoor Sculpture Garden at LACMA, which is filled with marvelous Rodin and Bourdelle bronze statues, amidst a tranquil garden space. And best of all it's free to explore.

Enjoy Urban Light...

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