Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boycott Target rooftop display...

This fantastic rooftop creation in West Hollywood is part of the nationwide effort to encourage consumers to Boycott Target until they cease funding anti-gay politics.

Earlier this year Target donated $150,000 to a group backing Republican candidate Tom Emmer for Governor of Minnesota, who openly opposes same-sex marriage.
Boycott Target rooftop display
When we drove by this house along Fountain Avenue on Saturday afternoon there were enthusiastic protesters with signs trying to raise passing motorists awareness of Target's anti-gay activities.

On the way back from the Half Marathon yesterday we stopped to snap a few photos of this latest ChadMichael Morisette installation to help spread the word of the on-going boycott.

I think it's important to show big corporations that consumers rights count and that we can make a difference by changing where we shop and voting with our dollars.
Boycott Target rooftop display
In the UK we refer to the purchasing power of the gay community as the 'Pink Pound', but it's not just the LGBT community that will stop spending money at Target, but all their friends, family and anyone with the slightest semblance of social conscience.

I've shopped there before and I know I won't be buying anything from Target until they change their ways.

To take a leaf from Target's advertising campaign, I do 'Expect More' from them and I will 'Pay Less', or nothing at all, at their stores...

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