Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Double rainbows and thunder clouds over West Hollywood...

It was inevitable really. After the hottest day in recorded history in L.A. on Monday, September 26, 2010, a staggering 113 degrees in Downtown Los Angeles, it's no surprise that we'd have some storms on the horizon as an encore.
Thunder clouds over West Hollywood
Last night double rainbows arced over West Hollywood and dramatic storm clouds rolled in.
Rainbow and thunder clouds
Heavy spots of rain fell as I was out walking Cooper and in the distance I heard the roll of thunder and thought I glimpsed a flash or two of lightning.
Thunder sky West Hollywood
Above our condo was the most amazing sky of dusky orange thunder clouds, that looked pregnant with rain (which never fell in our neighbourhood).
Double rainbow
It was hard to capture the double rainbow on camera, but it was a cool sight to behold.
Stormy rainbow
WEHO rainbow
Even living in the city, or maybe more so, nature truly can be spectacular at times.
Palm tree under thunder clouds
You don't always need cars, computers, iPhones or other technology, just look to the skies to be amazed.
West Hollywood thunder clouds
I wish I could say the storm clouds cleared the air and the temperature has fallen, but it's still up in the 80's today.

Not that I should be complaining at the end of September, when the weather back home in the U.K. is cold, wet and miserable, but sunny days and cool breezes would be nice...

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