Friday, September 17, 2010

Foggy September Santa Monica palms...

Earlier this week I took a trip down to Santa Monica, as I hadn't been able to take my Labrador, Cooper, for a hike at Runyon Canyon that morning, and if he doesn't get a decent walk each day he has way too much energy.
Foggy Santa Monica September
Imagine my surprise as I was driving down from a hot and sunny West Hollywood with temperatures in the mid-80 degrees, when I could see fog in the distance and as I passed into that misty barrier the temperature started to plunge to the low 60's.
Foggy Santa Monica palm trees
It really was surreal to be one moment in blazing sunshine and the next to be amidst the swirling marine layer as I walked Cooper through Palisades Park overlooking the ocean.
Foggy Santa Monica
I know that local residents are probably used to these kinds of weather conditions and the salty tang in the air, but I was slightly unprepared in my shorts and vest (and sunblock already applied, just in case).
Foggy Santa Monica, California
The bizarre thing was once we'd had a good stroll amongst all the palm trees, and Cooper had chewed a few palm fronds and bounced around with some dogs, we headed back home and back into the warmth and bright sunshine.
Foggy Santa Monica palms
Santa Monica really is a lovely place to visit and a change of scenery to walk your dog, but I'm not sure I could cope with the schizophrenic weather.

Long may the sun shine...

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