Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jason in action at the Disneyland Half Marathon...

Sunday seems like a world away now that the 5th Annual Disneyland Half Marathon has been and gone, but today they released the official race photos as a reminder of the event (for a princely sum).

Emerging from Sleeping Beauty Castle
Jason running Disneyland Half Marathon 2010
So here's a selection of me running and sweating my way through the theme park and beyond to the Finish Line.
Jason at the 5th Disneyland Half Marathon
One of the highlights of the fun run was running through the Angels baseball stadium where crowds shouted encouragement from the seats, bands played and cheerleaders encouraged all the runners on.

Running through Angel Stadium of Anaheim
jason at Angel Stadium, Disney Half Marathon
They also filmed you as you ran by so you could see yourself projected on the stadium big screen (which is what I think I'm looking up at).

From this next selection of shots of me crossing the Finish, you can see the elation on my face, especially when I check my watch for my race time.

Crossing the 13.1 mile Finish Line
Disneyland Half Marathon 2010 finishDisneyland Half Marathon finish
Even though it was a challenge, I had great fun and it reminded me how enjoyable it can be to run en masse as part of a huge collection of people.
Crossing finish Disneyland Half Marathon 2010Disneyland Half Marathon finish line
I've had my massage and my legs feel great, so I'm seriously considering signing up for next year's L.A. Marathon on March 20, 2011.

Jason in Hollywood with race medal
Jason's Disneyland Half Marathon medal
I'd better get my running shoes on...

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