Sunday, September 26, 2010

A marvelous time at Universal's Islands of Adventure...

If like me you're a Marvel Comics fan, then you'll love the Marvel Super Hero Island at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Jason in Hollywood meets Marvel Heroes
Captain America and Jason Universal Studios
X-Man Cyclops and Jason Universal StudiosX-Men Storm, Jason and Rogue Universal StudiosWolverine and Jason at Universal Studios
As you can see I had a ball posing with the likes of Captain America, Cyclops, Storm, Rogue and Wolverine, and the whole place was like a comic book exploded, spewing characters, rides and themed stores all around.

Wolverine Universal Studios Orlando

Storm above comic shop
Aside from the Harry Potter world, this was my favourite indulgence from my visit to Universal's Islands of Adventure theme park.

Magneto over comic shop

Rogue at Universal Studios
After a day of rather tame attractions at Walt Disney World I was ready for some wilder rides and I'm pleased to say this park didn't disappoint.

The Incredible Hulk roller coaster
Incredible Hulk roller coasterHulk ride Universal Studios
With my VIP pass in hand, allowing me to skip to the front of the line as many times as I wanted, I tried out The Incredible Hulk rollercoaster and found out that the ride lived up to its green namesake as I felt quite battered after speeding through the loops, twists and turns of the attraction.
Jason in Hollywood Hulked
After about six times on the ride my head was spinning from being bashed about by the headrest for the duration of the high-speed roller coaster. But it was all worth it for the adrenaline rush.

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-man
Amazing Spider-man ride
Spider-man statue Universal Studios
Slightly less traumatic, but just as enjoyable, was the Spider-man 3-D simulator ride, where you join the friendly neighbourhood hero as he tries to save the Statue of Liberty from the diabolical clutches of Doctor Octopus and the Sinister Syndicate. It was actually a really cool ride (and I don't usually like 3-D).

Spider-man statue
Like the big kid I am, I even treated myself to some Spidey sweatbands after the ride, to wear whilst running in my next half marathon, The Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles 1/2 Marathon, on October 24, 2010.

Doctor Doom's Fear Fall
Doctor Doom Fear Fall ride
I also braved Doctor Doom's Fear Fall and was shot 150 feet up in the air, which provided great views of the surrounding theme park (and a nice fluttery feeling in my stomach).

Fantastic Four's Baxter Building Cafe
Fantastic Four Universal StudiosFantastic Four Cafe Universal Studios
You could also eat at his arch-enemies Fantastic Four themed cafe or pose in front of lots of your favourite characters around the park.

Iceman at Universal Studios

Captain America
Marvel Heroes Universal Studios
The place really does scream Marvel and compared to Six Flags, where you can find some of DC Comics characters, like the Justice League of America, it's miles ahead in terms of quality and execution.

Storm Force Accelatron
Storm Force ride
Probably the only thing missing that could have made the Marvel zone even better, were actual costumes and props from Marvel Comics movies.

Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer Universal Studios

Namor the Sub-Mariner
Namor Sub-mariner Universal Studios
It would have been great to see a Spider-man suit worn by Tobey Maguire, Chris Evans Human Torch uniform or one of the actual Iron Man suits.

Electro at Universal Studios
The only other thing a true Marvel fan will note is that the character costumes and artwork all now have a bit of 90's feel to them, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but does make the theme park feel a little dated.

It's still great fun for anyone who likes superheroes though and I had a 'Marvelous' time.

Until next time true believers...

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