Friday, September 24, 2010

Monster rides and movie thrills at Universal Studios Orlando...

So my time in Orlando, Florida is nearly over. I'm sat in the United Red Carpet Lounge waiting for my flight to L.A. and reflecting on my last few days of monster rides and non-stop theme park action.

Universal Studios Florida
Yesterday I visited Universal Studios Orlando and loved it. It's a fantastic place for rollercoaster lovers and at this time of year the perfect antidote to the fluffiness and hordes of young children of Disney World.

Hogwarts at Universal Studios Orlando
Hogwarts Universal Studios Orlando
I loved the new Harry Potter world and all its attractions, especially the dueling dragons rollercoasters and the magnificent recreation of Hogwarts.

The Marvel Comics zone was also a treat for a self-confessed comic book fan and The Incredible Hulk rollercoaster a real rough ride, resembling the fierceness of the jade giant himself.

The Incredible Hulk rollercoaster
Hulk ride Universal Studios Orlando
All in all it's been a fun-filled, exhausting but very enjoyable couple of days. Now it's back to Los Angeles and our Labrador Cooper, who no doubt has had a ball himself at doggie daycare in our absence.

I'd better pack up my laptop now, but more from Orlando, theme parks, Disney, Marvel, Universal, movie costumes and props soon...

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