Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More celebrity sightings and unknown stars at the Nautica Triathlon 2010...

In addition to all the familiar faces at the 24th Annual Nautica Malibu Triathlon at Zuma Beach, there were some stars in the celebrity transition areas that weren't instantly recognizable.

Actor Randy Wayne
Randy Wayne runs Malibu Triathlon 2010
Aside from Hollywood names like Teri Hatcher, James Marsden and Rachel Griffiths, there were the lesser known up-and-coming actors that were also competing to help benefit the cancer research program at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.
Randy Wayne Malibu Triathlon 2010
First up of one of the celebrities I've managed to identify since the event, is Randy Wayne, who ran for 'The Trial' relay team. Randy landed the role of 'Luke Duke' in Dukes of Hazzard 2, plus was a series regular on the ABC's 2007 sitcom Sons & Daughters, and will star as 'Pete Thomason' in Robert Whitlow's The Trial.
Randy Wayne Nautica Malibu Triathlon
The next actor I believe is one of the stars of My Name Is Earl, Ethan Suplee, who plays 'Randy Hickey'. He cycled for the show team in the triathlon.

My Name Is Earl's Ethan Suplee
Ethan Suplee Malibu Triathlon 2010
Next up is rising star, Megan Boone, who I identified in my earlier round-up of celebrities at the 2010 Nautica Malibu Triathlon.

Law & Order: Los Angeles Megan Boone
megan Boone Malibu Triathlon 2010
What I didn't realise at the time was that this spin-off of the Law & Order franchise is one of the Autumn seasons new TV shows and she'll be one of the regular cast as 'Deputy District Attorney Lauren Gardner', alongside the likes of Skeet Ulrich, Alfred Molina, Regina Hall and Terrence Howard.

Law & Order: Los Angeles relay team on stage
Law and Order LA Malibu Triathlon 2010
Here she is on stage after the triathlon with her fellow relay team members, beside the woman who swam for the show. I don't know if she's an actor or some other part of the TV series.
Law and Order LA team Malibu Triathlon
Maybe you can also help with some other unknowns who were in the celebrity coral, like this bearded guy, who appeared to be friends with 90210's Trevor Donovan.
Malke celebrity Malibu Triathlon 2010
Then there's this speedy gent who ran for the 'Kingpin' relay tri-team.
Kingpin relay team Malibu Triathlon
Does anyone recognise this blonde cyclist from any television show?
Female celebrity Malibu Triathlon 2010
And this man who ran for the Entertainment Tonight team?
Entertainment Tonight Malibu Triathlon 2010
Finally, there was this young woman competing in NBC Universal colours, for the 'Not Disney' relay team (Disney has the largest number of triathlon entrants with over 300 people competing in relay teams for the Entertainment Industry Challenge, so it sounds like sour grapes on the part of this team).
NBC Universal entrant Malibu Triathlon
I suppose they can't all be Teri Hatcher, so let me know if you recognize anyone and I'll keep researching too...

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