Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September's coolest fashion and lifestyle billboards around L.A...

Just where did September go? Luckily I managed to capture a few of the sights around Los Angeles this month, including this cool collection of fashion and lifestyle billboards.

Fashion Billboards
Levi's Asses not equal billboard
I'm really loving Levi's new fun, youthful and colourful ad campaign for their new Curve ID jeans for women.
Levi's Curve ID jeans bilboard
I'm obviously not exactly target market, but that doesn't stop me finding them humorous and appealing.
Levi's Curve ID jeans Donna billboard
There's also a whole raft of other jeans brands trying to grab passersby attention, like this denim heavy Lucky Brand Jeans creative.
Lucky Brand Jeans billboard
Robins Jeans opt to promote their unique logo as a point of difference, but it's not as good as their angel billboard creative I spotted the other day.
Robins Jeans billboard
Joe's Jeans chooses to stand out from the crowd with this scantly clad model on a desert swing-set to get your attention.
Joes Jeans swing fashion billboard
Whilst DKNY Jeans goes for a look that would work really well in the wintery metropolis of New York, but feels somewhat overdressed in the city which has just experienced its hottest day in living memory at the end of September (113 degrees fahrenheit).
DKNY Jeans Fall 2010 billboard
Here's Zoe Saldana, of Star Trek, The Losers and Avatar fame, looking slightly cooler in her sexy billboard ad for Calvin Klein Envy underwear along Sunset Boulevard.
Sexy Zoe Saldana Calvin Klein envy billboard
Speaking of the appropriately named Sunset Strip, here's another racy Sam Edelman shoe billboard to get pulses racing for their Lorissa studded pumps.
Sexy Sam Edelman shoes billboard
Meanwhile these Gucci models look much more covered up and stylish in this luxurious and golden creative for Autumn.
Gucci Fall 2010 fashion billboard
Emporio Armani also has a great Autumn campaign this month, including this wintery white ad, plus two other fashion billboards you can see at Daily Billboard.
Emporio Armani Autumn billboard
Of course, no fashion story is complete without the perfect accessories, so enjoy this simply stylish Tiffany clutch bag billboard.
Tiffany clutch bag billboard

Drinks Billboards
Mondrian Belvedere Vodka billboard
Was it really back in June that I was highlighting the Vodka War around L.A.? Maybe Belvedere Vodka was listening (or reading my blog at least) as this huge billboard on the side of the swanky Mondrian Hotel now graces the busy Sunset Strip.
Newcastle Brown Dry Heat billboard
I love when brands use humour to sell their products and Newcastle Brown's 'Lighter side of dark' campaign is no exception.
Nasturo Azzuro billboard
I also liked this refined, striking billboard for Nastro Azzurro beer which caught my eye this month.
Maker's Mark bottle billboard
Maker's Mark also continued to produce witty and stand out billboards in September.
Fuze drink billboard
And finally for beverages, we have a new non-alcoholic drink, 'Fuze', which certainly has a bright and colourful billboard, but at the same time looks like it's jam-packed with artificial flavours.

Travel Billboards
Mandalay Bay beach billboardThis billboard for the Mandalay Bay resort and casino in Las Vegas caught my eye for its 'From Here to Eternity' quality, made famous by Burt lancaster and Deborah Kerr. It was a shame the billboard was above a MacDonalds drive-in which kind of spoiled the moment.

Performing Arts Billboards
LA Phil 2010 billboard
You can always tell when the Hollywood Bowl season is winding down when you see these billboards for the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra around town. They are colourful and lively though and go some way to dispel the stuffy image of orchestral concerts.

Restaurant Billboards
Chipotle ingredients are better billboard
And finally for this selection of billboards is this incredibly simple and clever billboard for Chipotle Mexican Grill. It's a really engaging advertisement without resorting to being shocking, loud or in-your-face and best of all it made me smile.

If you love these billboards, you can find even more great examples at Daily Billboard every day.

Come back next month for another round-up of all the interesting billboards lining the streets of Los Angeles, and more besides...

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