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Teri Hatcher, James Marsden and more celebrity spotting at the Malibu Triathlon 2010...

When you get up at 3am in order to get the annual Nautica Malibu Triathlon, whilst you're waiting for the event to start there's nothing better (or else) to do but engage in a little celebrity spotting.

Movie Star James Marsden
James Marsden Malibu Triathlon 2010

Actress Teri Hatcher
Teri Htacher Malibu Triathlon 2010
Stars of TV and film, like Teri Hatcher, James Mardsen, Mark Feuerstein, Rachel Griffiths, Julie Bowen and more, were at Zuma Beach in Malibu on Sunday September 12, 2010 to help raise money for the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.

Enjoy this a selection of celebrities that I managed to snap on the morning.

Desperate Housewives Teri Hatcher
Teri Hatcher Zuma Beach Triathlon 2010
Teri Hatcher Malibu Triathlon 2010
Teri Hatcher before Nautica Triathlon 2010
This was Teri Hatcher's second year of competing in the Malibu Triathlon. This time though the ex-Bond Girl didn't do the whole triathlon, but chose do the half-mile ocean swim as part of the Relay Team with Disney's President and CEO, Bob Iger, on cycle duties and Modern Family's Julie Bowen finishing with the four-mile race.
Teri Hatcher Malibu Triathlon 2010Teri Hatcher Malibu Triathlon 2010Teri Hatcher Malibu Triathlon 2010
The Desperate Housewife proved she still had star power though, as hordes of paparazzi and triathlon supporters followed her up the beach, flanked by her bodyguards, with cameras snapping away.

X-Men's James Marsden
James Marsden cycles Malibu Triathlon 2010James Marsden Malibu Triathlon 2010
James Marsden played 'Cyclops' in the X-Men movie trilogy, plus has starred in countless other major movies like Enchanted, 27 Dresses, Death at a Funeral, Hairspray and The Notebook, to name but a few.
James Marsden Malibu Triathlon 2010James Marsden Nautica Triathlon 2010James Marsden Zuma Triathlon 2010
He looked in great shape and every bit the competitor for his eighteen-mile cycle as part of the triathlon team relay. Now I know why I saw him outside the bike store in Studio City earlier this year.
James Marsden Malibu Triathlon 2010James Marsden bikes Malibu Triathlon 2010

Modern Family's Julie Bowen
Julie Bowen Malibu 2010Julie Bowen Nautica Triathlon 2010
This time last year no one had even heard of the TV comedy, Modern Family, and now it's an Emmy Award-Winning show and Julie Bowen was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress - Comedy Series.
Julie Bowen runs Malibu Triathlon
Julie Bowen Malibu Triathlon finish
The actress chatted with fellow celebrities as she stretched before her run and also went up on stage to help present the $220,000 donation that the Disney Tri-Team had raised for the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.
Julie Bowen Malibu Triathlon
Julie Bowen Malibu Triathlon 2010Malibu Triathlon Julie Bowen 2010
The fabulous TV drama Brothers & Sisters had three relay teams competing in the triathlon this year and their celebrities included Rachel Griffiths (Sarah Walker), Gilles Marini (Luc Laurent) and Luke Macfarlane (Scotty Wandell).

Brothers & Sisters Rachel Griffiths
Rachel Griffiths Nautica Triathlon 2010
Rachel Griffiths Malibu Triathlon 2010
I'm a big fan of Rachel Griffiths, as she starred in one of my favourite feel-good films, Muriel's Wedding, plus was fantastic as 'Brenda Chenowith' in Six Feet Under.
Rachel Griffiths swims Malibu Triathlon 2010
She was wrapped up warm after the freezing half-mile swim in the Pacific Ocean, but being Australian I'm sure she's a stronger swimmer. I think she's at the front the triathletes in their wetsuits, on the far-right with a green wristband.
Rachel Griffiths Malibu Triathlon 2010
Julie Bowen Rachel Griffiths Malibu
After the triathlon she chatted away with Julie Bowen (and went on stage with her) and her Brothers & Sisters co-star, Gilles Marini (who plays her lover), and fellow celebrity participants.
Rache, Gilles and Julie Malibu Triathlon 2010
Rachel Griffiths Malibu Triathlon

Brothers & Sisters Gilles Marini
Gilles Marini Malibu Triathlon 2010Gilles Marini Malibu Triathlon 2010
Following his popular stint on Dancing with the Stars, I often see the Sex and the City movie star, Giles Marini, hiking at Runyon Canyon.
Gilles Marini Malibu Triathlon 2010Gilles Marini Zuma Malibu TriathlonGilles Marini Malibu Triathlon 2010
He ran in the triathlon, finishing just before my partner Charlie, but I think he pulled a muscle at the Finish Line as he was limping after the race. The French man still had a smile and a few words for us though.
Brothers and Sisters cast Malibu Triathlon 2010
I loved that he had is own monogramed tracksuit, so you know exactly who he is.

Brothers & Sisters Luke Macfarlane
Luke Macfarlane Malibu Triathlon 2010Luke Macfarlane Julie Bowen Malibu TriathlonLuke Macfarlane Zuma Beach Triathlon 2010
I have to admit I have more than a little 'man crush' on Luke Macfarlane, who plays 'Scotty', the sweet gay husband of 'Kevin Walker' (played by Matthew Rhys).
Luke Macfarlane Brothers & Sisters
Luke Macfarlane - Scotty Brothers & Sisters
Luke Macfarlane Malibu Triathlon 2010
Luke Macfarlane Disney Tri Team 2010
So, it was a real treat to see him at the Malibu Triathlon with his Brothers & Sisters co-stars as he competed in the cycling portion of the team relay.
Luke Macfarlane cycles Malibu TriathlonLuke Macfarlane cycling Malibu Triathlon 2010
I also admire him for the fact that he's an openly gay actor, which is not an easy thing to be in Hollywood.
Luke Macfarlane Malibu 2010Luke Macfarlane after Malibu Triathlon
Luke Macfarlane Zuma Triathlon 2010

Cougar Town's Josh Hopkins
Josh Hopkins Malibu Tri swim 2010Josh Hopkins Malibu Triathlon 2010
Cougar Town star, Josh Hopkins, looked like he enjoyed the half-mile ocean swim at Zuma Beach.
Josh Hopkins Malibu Triathlon 2010Josh Hopkins Nautica Triathlon 2010
Not only does he play Courtney Cox's boyfriend, 'Grayson Ellis', in the comedy series, but the Swingtown actor has also starred alongside Calista Flockhart in both Brothers & Sisters and Ally McBeal (coincidentally with James Marsden).
Josh Hopkins Malibu Triathlon 2010
Josh Hopkins Malibu Triathlon 2010

Royal Pains Mark Feuerstein
Malibu Triathlon 2010 Mark Feuerstein
Mark Feuerstein who plays Dr. Hank Lawson in Royal Pains competed in the entire triathlon in just under two hours. He had such a familiar face, but I couldn't place him until after I came home and did a little research.
Mark Feuerstein Malibu Triathlon 2010Mark Feuerstein Malibu Triathlon 2010

In Plain Sight's Cristian de la Fuente
Cristian de la Fuente Malibu Triathlon 2010Cristian de la Fuente cycles Malibu TriathlonCristian de la Fuente bikes Malibu Tri 2010
Cristian de la Fuente competed in Dancing with the Stars with the same professional dance partner as Gilles Marini, Cheryl Burke. Here they are chatting together before the sports event kicked off.
Cristian and Giles Malibu Triathlon 2010
The Chilean actor now plays 'Rapheal Ramirez' in U.S. Marshal Witness Protection TV series, In Plain Sight. He cycled in the team relay for the television show.
Cristian de la Fuente Malibu Triathlon 2010

90210's Trevor Donovan
Trevor Donovan Malibu Triathlon 2010Trevor Donovan Malibu Triathlon 2010Trevor Donovan Zuma Triathlon 2010
Trevor Donovan Malibu Tri 2010
Trevor Donovan from the new 90210 series (he plays 'Teddy Montgomery') and Days of Our Lives soap star, was arguably the most attractive man at the triathlon.
Trevor Donovan Malibu Triathlon 2010
I also think he looks incredibly like fellow pretty boy, Brad Pitt. What do you think? Either way he looked great for such an early morning start (and I think he knew it too).
Trevor Donovan after Malibu TriathlonTrevor Donovan Malibu 2010

90210's Travis Van Winkle
Travis Van Winkle Malibu Triathlon
Fellow 90210 star Travis Van Winkle competed in full triathlon and completed it in 1:43:59.

The Vampire Diaries Sean Faris
Sean Faris Malibu Triathlon 2010Sean Faris Nautica Triathlon 2010This cheeky chap is Sean Faris, who played 'Ben McKittrick' in The Vampire Diaries.
Sean Faris Malibu Tri 2010
Sean Faris Malibu Triathlon 2010
He seemed to be having a fun time, so much so in fact that he stopped before the Finish Line thinking he'd already crossed it.
Sean Faris runs Malibu Triathlon 2010
Sean Faris Malibu Triathlon Finish
He raced for relay team 'Wolfpack' and I wonder if this has anything to do with the movie The Wolf which he's currently filming?
Malibu Triathlon 2010 Sean Faris

The Bachelor's Andy Baldwin
Andy Baldwin Nautica Triathlon 2010Andy Baldwin Malibu Triathlon 2010
Andy Baldwin, the former reality show Bachelor, is an Ironman Triathlete, Doctor and U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander (he was also nice enough to pose for a photo for me after the triathlon).
Andy Baldwin Malibu Triathlon finish 2010Andy Baldwin Malibu Triathlon 2010

DJ Ted Stryker
DJ Ted Stryker Malibu Triathlon 2010Andy Baldwin Ted Stryker Malibu Triathlon 2010
Andy Baldwin seemed friendly with DJ Ted Stryker who completed the triathlon in just over two hours.

Law & Order: Los Angeles Megan Boone
Megan Boone Malibu Triathlon 2010Megan Boone Malibu Triathlon 2010
Actress Megan Boone ran for the Law & Order: Los Angeles Tri-Team.

American Idol's Kimberly Caldwell
Kimberly Caldwell sings athem Malibu 2010Kimberly Caldwell Malibu Triathlon 2010
Singer Kimberly Caldwell starred in the second season of American Idol and was the seventh place finalist. She kicked off the Malibu Triathlon by singing the American National Anthem.

Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell
Nancy O'Dell Malibu Triathlon 2010
Former Access Hollywood presenter, Nancy O'Dell, didn't compete in the event (but vowed to next year), but helped on stage after the triathlon by compering the medal presentation to the celebrity competitors.

Chris Lieto Male Malibu Triathlon Winner 2010
Chris Lieto wins Malibu Triathlon 2010
No round-up of celebrities would be complete without a mention for the male winner of the Malibu Triathlon, Chris Lieto. He finished in the phenomenally fast time of 1:18:20, miles ahead of any other competitor, whilst Laurel Wassner was the fastest woman (the twin beating lots of the men too), coming in at an amazing 1:30:19.

Laurel Wassner Female Malibu Triathlon Winner 2010
Laurel Wassner Malibu Triathlon winner 2010

My own star Charlie
Charlie races Malibu Triathlon 2010
I can't forget to mention my other half, Charlie, who competed for his Disney relay Tri-Team in the four-mile race. He shaved over thirty seconds off last year's race time to finish in 27:04, and overall team time of 1:43:38, which is a great result.

Here's also the Disney team photo by the Zuma Beach shoreline with the stars of Brothers & Sisters, Rachel Griffiths, Gilles Marini and Luke Macfarlane in the middle.

Disney Tri-Team 2010
Malibu Triathlon Team Disney 2010Team Disney Celebs Malibu 2010
Congratulations to them all for raising so much money for such worthwhile charity.
Disney Malibu Tri Team 2010
Bothers & Sisters Team Disney Malibu 2010
The Malibu Triathlon is such a fun event to attend, even though it's a cold and dark start, there are so many stars and such a sense of team spirit that it's always a sunny occasion.

Be sure to check out the photos of the celebrities at the 2009 Malibu Triathlon and visit Jason in Hollywood's facebook fan page for even more great photos of the 2010 Nautica Triathlon (and help me identify some unknown celebrities).

Enjoy and see you there next year...


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