Friday, October 29, 2010

Carved pumpkins and more Halloween horrors...

Happy Halloween folks.
Halloween pumpkin lantern 2010
It's that time of year to get creative and carve a pumpkin or two to get in the holiday spirit and transform your home with some spooktacular decorations.WEHO rooftop spooky Halloween pumkpin
Last night I spent the evening carving this little beauty to get in the Halloween mood and then popped up to our roof-deck to take a few photos overlooking our local West Hollywood neighbourhood.
Halloween carved pumpkin Jack O' Lantern
Carved Halloween alien pumpkin
In addition to my alien-themed Jack O'Lantern, I thought I'd also share some more horrifying Halloween sights to inspire you from Universal Studios Hollywood and Walt Disney World in Orlando.

Universal Studios Hollywood horrors
Universal Halloween horror fruit stall
Universal Studios Halloween caged skeleton
Next on my list of things to do today is to carve a second pumpkin, so I shall be scooping, scraping and creating for the next few hours I'm sure.
Halloween pumpkin Jack O' Lantern 2010
Alien Halloween Jack O' Lantern design 2010
If you like this lantern, you may also like to check out my carved Halloween pumpkin creations from last year.

Universal Studios Hollywood horrors
Universal Studios Halloween freakUniversal Studios Halloween skeleton horse
Universal Halloween two headed ghoul
Hopefully these ghouls from Universal Studios will inspire your costume choice if you're not organised yet.
West Hollywood rooftop Halloween pumpkin
Yesterday I had a scare when I discovered my Spider-man costume gloves were not only too big, but also too orange for the rest of my red and blue outfit. One speedy trip to the costume shop and some children's size gloves later and I think I'm all ready to go for Sunday.

Halloween Time at Walt Disney World
Disney World Halloween Pumpkins
I also have to cobble together a makeshift costume for my marathon training tomorrow at 7am in Griffith Park. I'm thinking lightweight and comfortable for a five mile 'fun run'.

Happy hauntings...

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