Monday, October 4, 2010

Dolphin spotting and Labrador play at Hendry's Beach...

Yesterday we took a trip to Hendry's Beach in Santa Barbara to let our Labrador Cooper run free and tire himself out along the fantastic off-leash shoreline.
Dolphin playing at Hendry's BeachDolphine Diving Hendry's Beach
Not only was it the usual joy to watch our two and half year old pup enjoy himself so much, but it was also a delight to spot a pod of dolphins off the shore merrily playing in the ocean.
Dolphins at Hendry's Beach
Dolphin tails Hendry's Beach
That's twice in the space of a week I've marveled at nature, first with the amazing rainbows and storm clouds over West Hollywood, and now with these spectacular dancing dolphins.
"KayaksHendry's Beach kayaks and dolphinsDolphins and kayaks Hendry's BeachThe highly intelligent and social creatures seemed to be putting on a show for a couple of kayakers, swimming around and under them and jumping out of the water and flipping over. It all happened so fast it was hard to capture it all on camera, but it was still a wonderful sight to behold.
Cooper chasing ball Hendry's Beach
It was a little less sunny than usual, but after L.A.'s recent heatwave it was refreshing to walk along the cool, mist shrouded beach.
Hendry's Beach plovers
Cooper chasing plovers Hendry's Beach
Cooper didn't mind at all and was happy just to be chasing tennis balls up and down the sandy shore, the cool weather giving him even more energy than usual.

Plovers at Hendry's Beach
Hendry's Beach plovers in flight
He even got up to his usual mischief, investigating the wading birdlife and finding another yellow Labrador friend to play with.

Cooper and a new friend play amongst the surf
Labradors playing at Hendry's Beach
Hendry's Beach surf Labradors
Labrador Cooper Hendry's Beach
Hendry's or Arroyo Burro Beach as it's also called, really is a great place to take your dog, even if it is a bit of a drive from L.A. It's well worth it though for the chance for pup to run free and for the amazing bird and marine life along the Santa Barbara shore.
Hendry's Beach birdsHendry's Beach shore birds
Check out my previous posts for the slightly sunnier visual delights of Hendry's Beach and for more of Cooper at play on the beach.
Misty Hendry's Beach Santa BarbaraUntil next time it's back to drizzly West Hollywood life...

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