Friday, October 22, 2010

Intervening graffiti and billboard angels...

You won't find as many polar opposites as these two angelic images around L.A., the first is some street art graffiti and the other an expensive billboard for a new TV show.
When angels intervene graffiti mural
Regardless of their origins though, they both make for great additions to my angel sightings in this affectionately dubbed City of Angels.
Fairy Jobmother TV billboard
Granted a fairy may be more of a mythical being of legend, but with those angelic wings 'The Fairy Jobmother', who is international career specialist, Hayley Taylor, could be the guardian angel of jobs the way she intervenes and helps people find employment.
When angels intervene graffiti Los Angeles
The wall mural which seems to be named 'When angels intervene', was snapped on 11th Street and Burlington Avenue on my way to the L.A. Convention Center today. It appears to depict a rather buxom angel intervening between two rival gangs, or at least I think that's what it represents.
Fairy Jobmother TV billboard
I'll have more angel sightings to share with you in the coming days as I had a tip off from a website visitor who recommended I check out some architecture adorned with some fantastic angel sculptures.

I was impressed and I think you will be too...

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