Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October's TV and movie billboard round-up around L.A...

Another month goes by and another eclectic collection of TV and movie billboards fill L.A.'s skyline. Here are some of the best and brightest that caught my eye in October.

Movie Billboards
Megamind 3D billboardIs it a bird, is it a plane, no it's a big-skulled blue alien with a villain complex. This month the skies seem to be filled with billboards for the new DreamWorks animated movie, Megamind.Megamind movie billboard
With their super-bright colour scheme and fun, quirky characters, you can't help but spot these billboards as you drive about town.
Megamind film billboard
On the opposite end of the spectrum, the other billboards dominating the city skyline has been this selection of stunt billboards for Jackass 3D.
Jackass 3D jet engine movie billboard
From charging bulls to being blasted by jet engines, you have to admit these billboards may not be subtle but they are attention grabbers.
Jackass 3D bull billboard
There was also this fantastic crashed jet ski installation along the Sunset Strip which was real eye-catcher and PR generator and help reinforce the 3D aspect of the movie.
Jackass 3D jet ski movie billboardJackass 3D jet ski ramp billboardJackass 3D crashed jet ski billboard
If you were looking for a tamer, romantic comedy, there was Life As We Know It, with Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel, with a fun billboard creative from the baby's point of view.
Life As We Know It billboard
Matt Damon's new movie, Hereafter, looked like something out of the 80's, but it does seem to be everywhere you look at the moment.
Hereafter film billboard
Secretariat was a great feel-good film and the quintessential Disney movie, and I thought this simple and bold creative instantly conveyed the story premise about the thoroughbred horse racing champion.
Disney Secretariat movie billboardBurlesque film billboard
Cher and Christina Aguilera made their mark on Sunset Boulevard with this bold billboard for their new musical movie, Burlesque.
Skyline spaceship film billboard
And finally for movies, I totally geeked out when I saw this spaceship billboard for new sci-fi film, Skyline. It just looks so cool and I hope the movie doesn't disappoint.

TV Billboards
The Walking Dead TV billboard
Now that the new TV season is in full swing (with cancellations announced already), television billboards are less abundant this month, but there are still some gems like this post-apocalypic creative for The Walking Dead TV show. I love how they've managed to produce a truly creepy billboard without resorting to hordes of flesh-eating zombies.
IRT Deadliest Roads billboard
Next, you can believe that these are the Ice Road Truckers Deadliest Roads with this death defying imagery.
Idris Elba Luther TV billboard
Idris Elba really catches your eye as 'Luther', looking down along the Sunset Strip, in this billboard for the new BBC America crime thriller.
Hub Come Together TV channel billboard
Whilst if you're looking for something fluffier, there's a new kids channel crammed with favourites like Fraggle Rock, Transformers, Batman Beyond and even My Little Pony. Who can resist that combination?
A-List TV billboard
And finally for TV, if you thought there weren't enough reality shows out there already, get ready for the Desperate House-Husbands of New York City.

Come back soon for more cool billboards from the world of fashion, theme parks and alcohol...

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