Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Red proves that Bruce Willis action days are not dead yet...

Red, may be yet another comic book adaptation making it to the big screen, but it's still a fun movie that never takes itself too seriously and proves that Bruce Willis doesn't need to give up his action-hero status anytime soon.
RED film billboard
When lonely former black-ops CIA agent 'Frank Moses' (played by Bruce Willis), who is deemed 'retired, extremely dangerous', gets targeted for extermination by a wetworks team he seeks help from some other retired operatives. To protect the woman he's become attracted to via a telephone relationship (Mary Louise-Parker), he kidnaps her and from there hilarity ensues.

There's a great cast of entertaining characters, although funny though she is, Mary Louise-Parker seems to be terribly underused (maybe she was too busy filming her hit TV show Weeds) and Morgan Freeman, allowed to be happier than in most roles, still seems to be playing 'Morgan Freeman'. The same could be said for John Malkovich's eccentric character, however it's still all very entertaining.

In fact Helen Mirren seems to have a ball as the semi-retired, gun-toting wetworks specialist and it's refreshing to see her playing such a different character for a change and makes her character even more fun.
Red movie poster
Along with the humour there's some great action, especially the moment when Bruce Willis literally steps out of his moving police car and fires his gun without blinking an eye. It's a cool stunt and makes up for the fact the rest of the movie can feel a little cheap at times (it reminded me of another comic to movie adaptation this year, The Losers).

Brian Cox makes for a welcome addition to the cast as a Soviet agent and Karl Urban (who played 'Bones' in the Star Trek remake and 'Eomer' in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy), makes for a worthy young adversary to the aging, but experienced team of misfits.

Red is great popcorn fare and worth three *** stars for pure entertainment. It's obvious that Hollywood hasn't lost its love affair with comic books, but you can't help but wonder when that bubble will burst.

Anyway, let's hope the good movies keep coming. Next I'm excited to see Skyline, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Megamind, Burlesque, Morning Glory and Tron: Legacy.

It's a mixed bag for sure, but variety is the spice of life...

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