Thursday, October 28, 2010

Running the inaugural Rock 'n' Roll L.A. Half Marathon...

If anyone had any doubt that running the Rock 'n' Roll L.A. Half Marathon was easy, then all you need do is take a look at my official race photos from Sunday.

Sprint for the Finish Line
Rock 'n' Roll LA Half Marathon sprint finish
You just have to see the look on my face to know that those 13.1 miles were hard and there's utter relief as I charge over the Finish Line in Downtown L.A.

Crossing the Finish Line
ock 'n' Roll LA Half Marathon Finish Line
Rock 'n' Roll LA Half Marathon finish
I must remember to look for those cameras as I cross the Finish Line, but as you can imagine I had other things on my mind, like not collapsing in a heap or crashing into a fellow runner.
Rock 'n' Roll LA Half Marathon FinishJason crosses Rock 'n' Roll LA Half Marathon finish
Actually one of my criticisms of the race at the weekend was the absence of photographers throughout the course, they only seemed to be present at the end, whilst in previous races like the 12k Bay to Breakers in San Francisco and Disneyland Half Marathon, you were able to select images from different locations along the race route.
Running Rock 'n' Roll LA Half Marathon
Anyway, I paid the extortionate fees for my digital photos, so I thought I'd make the most of them, aside form the memories they'll provide in years to come.

Jason after the Half Marathon
Jason runs Rock 'n' Roll LA Half Marathon
As you can see I ran in my less-than-form-fitting T2: Team To End AIDS t-shirt to help raise awareness for my chosen charity at next year's L.A. Marathon, so if you'd like to support my running the 26.2 miles for AIDS Project Los Angeles, please donate today...

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