Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Secretariat is a winner (and so am I)...

If you're feeling down and need a pick-me-up, I'd highly recommend Disney's new feel-good movie, Secretariat.

Secretariat at The El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood
El Capitan Theatre Disney Secretariat
Based on a true story it's the perfect Disney movie. It has strong American historical significance, there's a great role model and strong female lead performance, a sense of family, a can-do spirit and at its heart a great story worth being told on the big screen.

Original movie costumes and props on display at The El Capitan
Disney Secretariat costume and prop display
The film is about the real-life story of 'Penny Chenery' and her thoroughbred racehorse, 'Secretariat', who in 1973 became the first U.S. Triple Crown winner in twenty-five years.
Secretariat film poster
Diane Lane plays Penny Chenery wonderfully with real strength, heart and conviction, as she takes the reins of her ailing family racehorse breeding and training stables, juggling being a housewife and mother to four children, plus navigating her way through the male-dominated race-horse business. She's one tough cookie, but still comes across as likable and believable.

John Malkovich makes a fun and eccentrically dressed experienced trainer, 'Lucien Laurin', who comes out of retirement to help train the thoroughbred champion-in-the-making.

and John Malkovich in Secretariat on display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks
Secretariat film costume exhibit
Nelsan Ellis, better known for his role as 'Lafayette' in HBO's True Blood, puts in a great performance as 'Eddie Sweat', Secretariat's stable groom, and has some really touching moments in the movie.

And even though you know he's going to win the Triple Crown, you can't help but worry as the legendary horse competes in each race and then cheer along when he wins them.

Yes it's sentimental at times, but it's an entertaining and captivating movie, that is well worth four **** stars and seeing on the big screen.
Disney Secretariat movie billboard
I love going to the cinema these days as it forces you to sit down for a few hours, without distractions (like puppy's needing walks or treats) and totally become engrossed in a movie. So imagine my delight this morning, to make my day even better, when I had the good fortune to to win a Day at the Races for four at the Santa Anita Race Track. Not bad for an $11 cinema ticket.

If you're a Disney or fashion fan, be sure to also check out the original costumes from Secretariat on display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks cinema, plus more outfits and props at Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props in the days to come.

Until then, go enjoy Secretariat for yourself...

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MsCFaith said...

I think Secretariat is a breakthrough from all of the movies that Disney has done. This movie/story is something really different and special.

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