Monday, October 18, 2010

The Social Network made me want to defriend Facebook...

The Social Network really is a fantastic film, but I have to admit that once I'd seen it I really did want to stop using Facebook out of sheer principal.
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Facebook is such a social phenomenon that has literally changed the way people live their lives (and even their everyday vocabulary), so it's no wonder that a movie about its creation would be a huge draw to cinema goers. However, what could have been a story simply filled with computer nerds and technobabble is a really engaging tale of friendships gone sour and entrepreneurial vision. I'm not sure how much of the story is true, but it makes for compelling and entertaining viewing.
The Social Network movie billboards
One of the things I liked most about The Social Network was that it felt so different to the rest of the cinematic fare so far this year and made for a refreshing change of pace and style. It wasn't all courtroom battles or non-stop partying, but clever storytelling with scenes in the lawyers offices interlaced with informative flashbacks, that keep you enthralled.
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Jesse Eisenberg was great as the genius 'Mark Zuckerberg' and Andrew Garfield (who looked and acted totally differently recently in Never Let Me Go) was wonderfully cast as his betrayed best friend, 'Eduardo Saverin'. Even Justin Timberlake put in a decent performance as, Napster creator, 'Sean Parker' (he did a great job of portraying him as a sleazy customer anyway).

It was also amazing to think that the 'Winklevoss Twins' were played by one actor, Armie Hammer. The logistics that must have gone into creating those scenes is impressive and looked totally flawless to me.
The Social Network billboard
As you can see I enjoyed the movie and think it throughly deserves four **** stars.

I love the thought that one simple idea can lead to something fantastic, from E-Bay, to Facebook and Twitter, but now I just have to get over the notion of stolen ideas, back-stabbing and who knows what other shady dealings were done and have been done since to make Facebook and its ilk, the worldwide powerhouses they are today.

The moral of this story, pick your friends, and Facebook friends especially, with real care...

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