Tuesday, October 19, 2010

West Hollywood's Halloween Pope rooftop display...

You can tell it's getting closer to the spooky spectacle when you see everyone decorating their homes for Halloween.
WEHO Halloween rooftop 2010
ChadMichael Morisette and Mito Aviles new rooftop creation in West Hollywood certainly catches your eye as you drive by, mainly as it's not the usual imagery you expect to see associated with Halloween, the Pope.
West Hollywood Halloween roof 2010
Aside from providing some visual intrigue along Fountain Avenue, their rooftop installations tend to have some political motivations from encouraging us to boycott Target for its anti-gay activities to celebrating same-sex couples right to marry.
Halloween religion RIP rooftop 2010
The Pope and the Catholic Church has been no friend to the gay community and openly condemns us, so maybe that's why the mannequins are weeping on the rooftop.
West Hollywood Halloween rooftop display 2010
And is it me, or is his face made up like The Joker from Batman?
Creepy Halloween rooftop
Whatever the significance, this grisly graveyard makes for a suitably ghastly Halloween tableau.
WEHO Halloween Pope rooftop 2010
Let the countdown to the seasonal festivities begin...

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