Saturday, October 9, 2010

What a difference 12 months make at Runyon Canyon...

Runyon Canyon has become a big part of my daily life here in L.A., so about twelve months ago I decided to embark on a little photography project.

At the start of every month I would take a picture of the Runyon Canyon hiking trail to see how much it changed as the seasons went from hot to hotter, with the odd sprinkling of rain.

This is the result.

November 2009
Runyon Canyon November 2009

December 2009
Runyon Canyon December 2009

January 2010
Runyon Canyon January 2010

February 2010
Runyon Canyon February 2010

March 2010
Runyon Canyon March 2010

April 2010
Runyon Canyon April 2010

May 2010
Runyon Canyon May 2010

June 2010
Runyon Canyon June 2010

July 2010
Runyon Canyon July 2010

August 2010
Runyon Canyon August 2010

September 2010
Runyon Canyon September 2010

October 2010
Runyon Canyon October 2010
As you can see it's an interesting photo story. The landscape looks quite lush and green up until April when it starts to dry out, and that's considering this year we haven't had the hottest of summer's either.

As ever it's those beautiful California blue skies and amazing views which make the walk around the canyon quite invigorating and enjoyable.

Hmm, I wonder what the next twelve months will bring...

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