Monday, November 22, 2010

Angels of New York City...

Following my latest trip to New York City I'm beginning to wonder whether it should be called the City of Angels, rather than the Big Apple.
Guardian Angel Church masonry
Even though my Angel Quest usually takes place in Los Angeles, the affectionately titled City of Angels, whenever I'm visiting another city I seem to spot angels everywhere I look. Take for example these angels sightings along California's coastline.
Guardian Angel Church doorway arch
Guardian Angel Church New York
I was especially thrilled about one discovery in New York, along 10th Avenue at West 21st St, with the appropriately named Guardian Angel Church. This Roman Catholic Church was resplendent with wonderful angel imagery and really lived up to its name.
Guardian Angel Church masonry NYCGuardian Angel Church NYC
In fact in New York there seems to be a church or cathedral around every corner so it's hard no to spot our winged friends, like this other statue.
Church doorway angel statueChurch doorway angel NYC
But it's not just on the streets you'll find angels, I found this intriguing image in the Museum of Modern Art.

Venus Chiding Cupid and Removing His Wings
Julia Margaret Cameron, 1872
Venus Chiding Cupid
Back out on West 54th Street you'll find the masonry of the Warwick Hotel adorned with lots of angels.
Warwick Hotel angels NYCWarwick Hotel angels
Meanwhile at another New York hotel, this time the Art Deco inspired Waldorf-Astoria, you'll find the angelic looking Spirit of Achievement sculpture over the Park Avenue entrance awning.
Waldorf-Astoria Spirit of Achievement sculptureWaldorf-Astoria Spirit of Achievement sculptureWaldorf-Astoria Spirit of Achievement
The final collection of angels from my time in Manhattan were found outside the New York Public Library Stephen A. Schwarzman Building on 5th Avenue at 42nd St.
New York Public Library pillar angelAngel column outside New York Public Library
New York Public Library pillar angels
New York Library angelNew York Public Library angels
In addition to the two famous lion statues flanking the entrance steps you'll also find a large pillar to the left and right of the building, each decorated with four beautiful angels.
New York Public Library angelNew York Library angel sculptures
With all the wonderful architecture in New York there's no surprise there are so many angel sculpture and statues around the streets of the city, it's just a shame that there are not more like them here in L.A.
New York Public Library angel sculpturePillar angels New York Public Library
Not to worry though, my hunt for angels around Los Angeles will continue, until then enjoy these native New York examples.

The quest continues...

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