Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cooper's not just part of the furniture...

Our two and half year old yellow Labrador has always had his admirers, but an email from someone in South Africa no less, made me think it was overdue for a some new Cooper photos for his fans around the world.

Making himself at home on our new sofa
Yellow Labrador sofa Cooper
Cooper's other dad, Charlie, called me upstairs the other day to show me how ultra-cute he was being sat on the staircase, perched with his big paws dangling over the edge. Obviously I couldn't resist taking a few photos of our pup.
Yellow Labrador Cooper
We've being going through some terrible twos with Cooper lately and so we've been trying to reassert ourselves as pack leaders so that he feels safer and knows who's boss.

Which one is the work of art?
Picture Perfect Labrador
We've reduced his ready supply of treats and that's why he's looking a bit mournful in these pictures. He's trying to be extra adorable to earn something yummy.
Staircase Labrador Cooper
How can you refuse that face? He's so clever, he knows exactly what heart strings to pull to get his own way.
Big Paws Labrador Cooper
Ultimately we have his best interests at heart, so I'm sure the training will have a positive result. We may even get a lie in one of these days. Now that would be a real bonus.

Come back soon for more of Cooper's misadventures in Southern California...

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