Sunday, November 7, 2010

Having a Martha moment or doing a Delia...

Now that Halloween is over and we're heading into the holiday season, the last few days my thoughts have turned to Christmas traditions.

In the past I'd bake around five festive fruitcakes for friends and family (and one for our own consumption), as if I'd had a 'Martha Stewart moment' or as we say in the U.K., as if I was 'doing a Delia'.
Fruitcake ingredients
For those not in the know, Delia Smith is pretty much Britain's answer to Julia Child, as she taught generations of Brits to cook properly.

Anyway, I've always struggled to find the ingredients I need in U.S. grocery stores, so for the past few years this tradition has fallen by the wayside, but no longer. All week long I've been trying to assemble my cake ingredients, so I can soak the fruit in some sherry for a couple of weeks before baking it.
Soaking fruitcake ingredients
Little did I know finding currants and sultanas would be so hard. After a few days of searching I've discovered that sultanas may be called 'golden raisins' in America, but just in case I also threw in some dates, apricots, cherries and cranberries for good measure too.

When the fruit has absorbed all the alcohol it'll be time to make the cake and I'll add some walnuts too for some extra texture.

Now that the cake's under way, maybe I should make a start on my letter to Santa...

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