Monday, November 29, 2010

L.A.'s coolest TV, movie and fashion billboards in November 2010...

There's just not the usual abundance of new billboards this month, mainly because there are less new television shows debuting and not so many big, blockbuster movies vying for our attention (or dollars). Having said that, there are still some cool billboards to enjoy in November from around L.A.

Movie billboards
The Tourist movie billboard
I'm really not the biggest Johnny Depp fan (I just don't get it), but I am excited by the pairing of the enigmatic actor with the intriguing creature that is Angelina Jolie. The Tourist looks like it could be an enjoyable thriller for the holiday season.
Hermione Harry Potter 7 billboard
Aside from a variety of Harry Potter billboards around L.A. this month, which you can see in detail at Daily Billboard, movie billboards have been slim pickings in November.
Tron Legacy Flynn and Clu billboard
Jeff Bridges the star of the original Tron movie, twenty-eight years ago, finally makes an appearance on a billboard for the new Disney movie, Tron: Legacy. I've been very lucky to see an early screening of the movie and I can say that the recreation of his younger self using similar 'Benjamin Button' computer effects, in the form of the digital program 'Clu', is amazing. He really was a handsome fella (and there's nothing like CGI to get rid of those wrinkles).
Due Date movie billboard
The comedy pairing of Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianikis made for humorous billboards but didn't really set the box office alight like the director's last movie, The Hangover.
Paster Dwayne Johnson billboard
You'd be forgiven for thinking Dawyne Johnson's new movie was the latest in the Fast & Furious racing films, however it's not, but his muscular frame still makes for an impactful billboard.
Disney's Tangled movie billboard
Tangled seems to be doing well at the box office, but I'm amazed at the lengths they went to to distance themselves from the Disney brand, when this is so obviously a Disney movie (who's the leader in feature animation here, them or DreamWorks?).
Narnia Dawn Treader Aslan billboard
Finally for movies, a great visual of a snowbound Aslan for the third big screen installment in the Chronicles of Narnia. This time Disney is not involved with the franchise so it'll be interesting to see how The Voyage of the Dawn Treader fares.

TV billboards
The Fashion Show season 2 billboard
Bravo are so desperate to find a new Project Runway after losing the series to rival network, Lifetime, that they are still flogging the dead horse that is The Fashion Show. Returning for a second season, Destiny Child's Kelly Roland is out and supermodel Iman is in as co-host. I suppose imitation is the best form of flattery.
TopGear USA remake TV billboard
Why come up with a concept for a new show, when you simply remake one from another country. TopGear is a highly popular car show in the U.K. and even though you can see the original on BBC America, The History Channel is launching its own American based series.
In Treatment season 3 billboard
Finally for TV, this huge In Treatment billboard featuring Gabriel Byrne towers over L.A.'s Sunset Strip this month and can be seen from afar.

Fashion billboards
JLO and twins Gucci billboard
Jennifer Lopez is not afraid to use her twins to get headlines and make a buck or two for this Gucci fashion campaign.
Donna Karan fashion billboard
Donna Karan vamps it up along Sunset Boulevard, whilst nearby Calvin Klein has this moody looking pair advertising its X Jeans range.
Calvin Klein X models billboard
Armani Exchange keeps things hot for winter with these two sexy (and happier looking) young models. And don't you just love that rich blue Californian sky behind the billboard.
Armani Exchange Holidays 2010 billboard
The jewelry brand, Ippolita, cashes in on the fact that Christmas gift giving time is fast approaching with this eye-catching mono billboard along the Sunset Strip.
Ippolita jewelry billboard

Drinks billboards
Captain Morgan Marissa Miller billboard
Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Marissa Miller, goes all pirate for Captain Morgan rum and causes a stir atop the Hollywood & Highland Center.

Theme Park billboards
Disneyland Small World billboard
Finally, to get you all in the festive spirit, here's a holiday billboard for Disneyland's highly popular 'It's a Small World' attraction.

If you like this selection of images, be sure to also check out the fantastic billboards from New York that I snapped on my recent visit and check out an exciting creative every day at Daily Billboard.

Let's hope there are some interesting billboards around Los Angeles in December and that the weather allows me to photograph them...

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