Saturday, November 6, 2010

Megamind is fun but hardly mega...

Not only does it seem Hollywood's current love affair with superheroes continues in animation, but it also appears to be the year of villains seeing the error of their ways, as Megamind follows in the footsteps of Despicable Me.
Megamind movie poster
Granted, Megamind had some fantastic animation and some great voice talent, most noticeably Will Ferrell, but DreamWorks new animated feature doesn't have the heart or story of a Disney/Pixar movie quite yet.
Megamind No You Can't poster
Paying homage almost too closely at times to the origin of Superman, as babies Megamind and his arch-rival Metro Man are shoot off into space to save their lives and land on earth. One baby is welcomed into a world of luxury and privilege, whilst our titular blue alien is raised by prisoners.
Megamind Minion poster
Blessed with amazing intellect but treated as an outcast, he finds he can't compete with Metro Man's natural charm and abilities, so decides to be the best at being bad.
Megamind Metro Man poster
After years of battling his super-foe, it appears he finally defeats him and finds that life isn't as exciting as ruler of Metro City, so he creates a new hero to challenge himself. Sadly things don't go to plan and he unleashes a far worse evil on the city, forcing Megamind to become a 'good guy' and save the day.
Megamind Roxanne poster
There are some great new characters in the movie, especially 'Megamind' with his unique look and mispronunciations, 'Metro City' becomes 'Metrocity', sounding like 'atrocity', and 'Minion' is a fun comedic foil and loyal henchman.

But for me there's almost too much of the plucky reporter 'Roxanne' and at times the story does seem to drag, so much so that I did find myself dozing off at some points.
Megamind Tighten poster
Overall I'd give Megamind three *** stars. It's enjoyable fun, but we've seen superhero animated movies done better before and a long time ago in The Incredibles. However ultimately I preferred DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon from earlier this year.
Megamind film poster
After all maybe I'm not the main target market and kids will love the movie, so let's hope the next few films on my viewing agenda don't disappoint like Skyline, Happy Potter 7 and Tron: Legacy.

I'll keep my fingers crossed...

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