Monday, November 8, 2010

Teased by Tron Legacy...

At times it feels like Hollywood movie studios have run out of new ideas and insist on remaking, re-imagining or simply blatantly copying classic movies. Some movie franchises benefit from this approach like the recently rebooted Star Trek universe, whilst other movies don't, take for instance the disappointing Clash of the Titans.

Tron: Legacy Lightcycle billboard from February 2010
Tron Legacy Lightcycle billboard
The movie sequel twenty-eight years in the making that I've been most excited about this past year is Disney's Tron: Legacy, a continuation of the characters and story from the 1982 cult hit.

Tron: Legacy Dueling Lightcycles billboard from April 2010
Tron Legacy Flynn Lives billboard
When I was growing up, Tron, was the perfect sci-fi movie, boasting its own unique look and ground-breaking special effects for its time.

Tron: Legacy Light Runner billboard from May 2010
Tron Legacy Light Runner billboard
Now it seems the torch is going to be passed to a new generation, with state-of-the-art CGI, great action and maybe even a good storyline. It'll also be in 3D, although as I'm not the biggest fan of the medium I may have to watch in old-fashioned 2D.

Tron: Legacy billboard from June 2010
Tron Legacy movie billboard
All this year Disney has been teasing fans with super-cool Tron billboards along Santa Monica Boulevard in L.A. and now that it's just over a month away until the film is released in cinemas, there's even more marketing on the streets for the new movie.

Illuminated Tron: Legacy billboard from June 2010
Illuminated Tron Legacy movie billboard
Personally I can't wait as I'm a huge sci-fi fanboy and Tron: Legacy opens on my birthday, so I'm hoping that it doesn't disappoint.

Garrett Hedlund Tron: Legacy 'Sam Flynn' billboard from July 2010
Garrett Hedlund Tron Legacy billboard
Over the course of this year, not only have we been teased with new vehicles from the movie (check out a replica of the Lightcyle on display), but there have also been illuminated billboards to get everyones attention at night.

Olivia Wilde Tron: Legacy 'Quorra' billboard from September 2010
Olivia Wilde Tron Legacy Quorra billboard
You can tell interest in the movie is growing as there were lots of people wearing glow-in-the-dark neon light-suits at this year's West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnaval.

November's Tron: Legacy teaser billboard along L.A.'s Sunset Strip
Tron Legacy Sunset Strip billboard
Let the countdown begin and let's hope Tron: Legacy is more original, innovative and sophisticated than Disney's other disappointing live-action movies this year, Prince of Persia and The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Illuminated Tron: Legacy billboard along L.A.'s Sunset Strip
Tron Legacy teaser billboard Sunset Strip
The game may have changed, but let's hope the excitement remains...

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