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West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval heroes and highlights...

With it being my third West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval you'd think I'd be used to the crush of the 400,000+ people by now. Not so, but at least I used my amazing Spidey strength to battle through the hordes of costumed folks and spectators last night to snap some awesome photos of the Halloween happenings.

Spider-man and his Amazing friends:
Silver Surfer and Wonder Woman
West Hollywood Halloween Silver Surfer and friends
Here's part one of my exploits at West Hollywood's spookiest festival featuring fantastic superhero, fantasy and sci-fi inspired outfits.

Spider-man ambushed by Na'vi aliens
West Hollywood Halloween Avatar Spidey
If last year was the year of Batman and Robin, this year aside from Chilean miners, there were an abundance of Alice in Wonderland costumes, blue Na'vi aliens from Avatar and winged angels were everywhere.

Avengers Thor and Spider-man
West Hollywood Halloween Thor and Spidey
This year Marvel Comics Thor made an appearance, but with his new film being released next year I'd expect to see more of this Norse god next Halloween.

Kick-Ass and Spider-man
Kick-Ass West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
There were also lots of Kick-Ass costumes at the Carnaval this year after his cinematic debut, along with this dancer from the Stark Expo in Iron Man 2.

Iron Lady
West Hollywood Halloween Iron Lady
Tron was also a popular costume choice this year, be it the original outfit from the 80's classic or from the forthcoming Tron Legacy.

Original Tron costume
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval TronThe illuminated costumes looks great along Santa Monica Boulevard and I especially liked this Quorra costume based on Olivia Wilde's look in the new movie.

Quorra from Tron Legacy
West Hollywood Halloween Tron Legacy costume
I have to say you can't beat a good Wonder Woman costume and these ladies wore the colours well, it's such an iconic costume and still seems to be a popular choice.

West Hollywood Wonder Women
WEHO Halloween Carnaval Wonder WomenWest Hollywood Halloween Wonder Woman
Speaking of popular costumes, Star Wars still has its many fans and there were a smattering of Jedi Knights and Stormtroopers at the Carnaval.

Jedi Knights
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval Jedi

Return of the Jedi Biker Scout Stormtrooper
West Hollywood Halloween stormtrooper
Just as Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland was a box-office smash, the characters from Lewis Carroll's classic books were a hit at the Halloween parade.

Alice in Wonderland costumes
Mad Hatter West Hollywood Halloween 2010
West Hollywood Halloween Alice in Wonderland
Alice and Mad Hatter West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
The Mad Hatter was especially popular last night, which was no surprise to me considering the amount of people visited my Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props blog looking for Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter costume as inspiration.

Red Queen's soldier
Red Queen soldier card West Hollywood HalloweenWest Hollywood Halloween Red Queen soldier
Probably because of all these other choices of costumes I did think there were less superheroes prowling the night this year, but I still managed to snap these Marvel and DC Comics characters.

Amazing Spider-friends
West Hollywood Halloween spider friends

Captain America and his super-squad
West Hollywood Halloween Captain America
In addition to Thor, I think we'll be seeing a whole lot more of Captain America this time next year after Chris Evans brings the patriotic hero to the big screen next summer.

Avengers Ms. Marvel and Spider-man
West Hollywood Halloween Ms Marvel and Spidey

Flash West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval

Catwoman and Batman
West Hollywood Halloween Catwoman and Batman
In addition to the readily recognisable heroes and villains, there are always those creative souls who put a fresh spin on classic costumes, like this saucy Batman and Robin team-up.

A different kind of Dynamic Duo
West Hollywood Halloween Dynamic Duo

X-Men Cyclops and Wolverine
West Hollywood Halloween X-Men

Wolverine, Spider-man and Superman
West Hollywood Halloween Heroes 2010
I'm always amazed by the people who create their own costumes, rather than buy them in shops. Take for example this Megamind creation from DreamWorks new animated movie.

Megamind West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
In the UK, Halloween is still much more about the traditional witches, monsters and zombies, so it's always a delight to walk the Halloween Carnaval crowds and see everyone dressed as their favourite characters regardless of the genre.

Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Jack and Sally
West Hollywood Halloween Jack and Sally
It's that one night where you can be whoever you want to be out in public and the wonderful thing is everyone else is doing the same thing and loving it.

Spidey rescues a Chilean Miner
West Hollywood Halloween Chilean Miner
I do marvel at people's originality and creativity though, and always vow to do better next year and actually make my own costume.

Adam and Steve
West Hollywood Halloween Adam and Steve
Of course, it does help if you're not afraid to show of your buff body.

Avenging Archangel
West Hollywood Halloween Archangel
Everyone was in awe of this avenging Archangel with his impressive wingspan, although I do wonder how people manage to walk down Santa Monica Boulevard in some of their costumes. Not only because of the crowds, but also the sheer weight of their creations.

Futurama's Bender robot
West Hollywood Halloween Bender Futurama
Being L.A. the Halloween Carnaval also attracts the natural performers and exhibitionist, all those aspiring actors hoping to be discovered.

Smurfs along Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval Smurfs
Smurfs West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2010
The great thing is most of them are really happy to entertain the crowds and pose for countless photographs.

The Wizard of Oz Glinda the Good Witch
West Hollywood Halloween good witch
I have to say, dressed as Spider-man it was like I was having my fifteen minutes of fame, being asked to pose for photos with all the superheroes and by parents whose kids loved Spidey.

Everyone wants a picture with Spidey
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval costumesWest
Overall I think I spent around four hours walking the streets snapping photos last night. I hope you like the results.

Edmund and Peter Pevensie Narnia costumes
West Hollywood Halloween Narnia costumes

Avatar Aliens
West Hollywood Halloween Avatar Na'vi costumes

G.I. Joe villains Storm Shadow and The Duchess
West Hollywood Halloween GI Joe villains

Halloween Carnaval sci-fi costumes 2010
West Hollywood Halloween sci-fi costumesWest Hollywood Halloween Carnaval creature
If you like this collection of outrageous outfits, be sure to check out photos of West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval 2009.

West Hollywood Zombies
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval zombies
Come back tomorrow for even more highlights from this year's festivities, but for now I'll leave you with a few favourites from last night.

West Hollywood Lush
West Hollywood Halloween drag
Spider-man Jason practices his moves before heading out
Spider-man Jason practices his moves
I thought Russell's Wilderness Explorer costume from UP was genius.

Russell from Disney/Pixar's UP
West Hollywood Halloween Russell from UP
Happy Halloween memories from West Hollywood...

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