Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Christmas cake from hell...

Have you ever made a Christmas cake? In the past I've made up to five at a time for friends and family, but this year making just one has been the most painful experience.
Festive Christmas Cake
From finding the ingredients here in L.A. (who knew sourcing sultanas and fondant icing would be so hard), to making the actual cake, it's all been a real chore.
Iced Christmas Cake
Having to make marzipan for the first time and having the rolled result fall apart as I was draping it over the cake was almost my breaking point. Believe me, I very nearly lost all my holiday spirit this morning.
Christmas Cake 2010
Anyway, here's the finished product, it may not look all that smooth, but it smells nice and it better taste fantastic, otherwise this will be my last Christmas fruit cake ever (ornamental moose, reindeer and lights optional).

It's a nice tradition, but I'm sure a store bought cake would be equally nice.

I need some festive cheer...

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