Sunday, December 26, 2010

Coke's Santa is not so Ho-Ho-Ho...

It looks like life isn't all jolly for Santa this Christmas, with this latest anti-Coca-Cola rooftop statement in West Hollywood.

Enjoy Diabetes, Drink a Coke! rooftop display
Coca-Cola diabetes rooftop Santa
ChadMichael Morisette and Mito Aviles are once again responsible for a provocative rooftop creation, this time questioning Coke's involvement in child obesity which can lead to diabetes.

Coca-Cola long ago adopted Santa Claus as their festive representative, with his jolly (and slightly tubby) demeanor and characteristic red-suit (which they helped perpetuate in America since the 1930's), to encourage people to drink more soda in the wintery months.

Coca-Cola's 2010 Santa billboard
Santa Coke billboard 2010
I have to say, I love the occasional full-fat Coke (although these days I tend to drink Coke Zero) and I don't dispute that drinking it in vast quantities can lead to being overweight, but I'd hate to see it disappear totally from supermarket shelves.

I believe it's the responsibility of parents to make sure that their children drink and eat everything in moderation and that they are getting a healthy, balanced diet.
Coke Diabetes rooftop Santa
If they do enjoy a drink of Coke as a treat, make sure they get some exercise as well and don't just sit in front of the TV all day.

I'm not expecting everyone to run a marathon (eight miles this morning for my AIDS Project L.A. Marathon training, thank you very much), but you can't expect to drink fizzy drinks and eat sugar laden food all day, without being active, and not become overweight or incur health problems.

People and not just corporations have to take responsibility for their own actions.

Now go out there and enjoy the rest of this festive season...

P.S. Happy Boxing Day!

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